Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's All About What You Say And Who You Know

Frugality takes many forms. Using creativity in your frugality is a very wise idea. Sometimes the best way to be frugal is to pay attention to who you know and how you talk to them.

You see, most people are genuinely good and genuinely love to help out one another. Think about it, if you knew someone was looking for a good deal on something and you knew where they could find it, you'd tell them, right? Assume that this works both ways and don't be afraid to talk to people and ask questions.

  1. Proclaim your frugality, don't be ashamed of it. Remember, being frugal does not mean being cheap or poor. Take pride in the fact that you try to live as frugally as possible. And don't be afraid to let others know. First of all, maybe they'll remember that you like using coupons and since they don't, they'll give you all of theirs. Or maybe they'll make a special call to let you know about a big garage sale in their neighborhood. And secondly, if you live a frugal life, you understand that it makes sense. Maybe your knowledge of frugal living is just the ammunition someone needs to start doing things differently in their own lives.
  2. Everyone you know is a potential contact. I know this sounds like a sales & marketing tip, but it applies just as well to frugality. When you are looking for the most frugal option for your dollar, turn to those you know first. Whether you know someone in the applicable field, or just know someone who knows someone, your bound to find a good referral and a fair price. And just as importantly, don't forget to pass on the same information to others you know. Don't hoard your frugal resources. Share the wealth, and you'll probably receive the same in return.
  3. Don't be afraid to say no. When you are seeking out a service and the quoted price is more than you are willing to spend, don't be afraid to politely decline and state the reason why you are declining. If you are honest and say something along the lines of, "sorry, I just can't afford that right now" you may be surprised by the number of people that are willing to work with you.
You can find more Frugal Friday tips at Crystal's blog.


Sonshine 8:45 AM  

Thanks for sharing! I find those points to be so true.

Enjoy your weekend. :)

Sherry 8:53 AM  

Thank you for the frugal tips. I think I will proclaim my frugality more often. I don't often share that.

Have a great Frugal Friday!
Yellow Cake

Anonymous,  9:34 AM  

Very, very true! The more I voice my frugality, the more empowered I feel by it. Folks are amazed with what we can do with my husband's salary.

Mom2fur 9:49 AM  

It truly is a great idea to get the word out there when you're trying to save money. Last year, the faucets in my shower started to leak. I called in someone for an estimate. $800 to replace the pipes! Sure...yeah, like I could afford that!
Then my husband suggested talking to our neighbor across the street, who is a contractor. (He did our roof a few years ago.) Sure enough, he took one look and said all we needed was a little rubber gasket for about $1.98. Of course, we paid him for his work but I can guarantee you it was no $800!

BarbaraLee 11:10 PM  

Ask and you shall receive. With the way things are know a days you need to save where ever you can.
I also feel the USA needs to be a little more humble in daily life.

Willow Dee 6:38 PM  

Thanks for the reminders that we need not hide our frugality. Hope you don't mind, I put a link to this post on my blog.

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