Monday, September 29, 2008

Tackling the Weekend Laundry

I take every weekend from doing the laundry. Which means that every morning I have a huge pile of laundry to tackle. I often reconsider this little plan of mine, but I just can't seem to let go of the little break I enjoy on Saturdays and Sundays, even with the extra work it leaves me on Monday.So, here is the pile of clean clothes waiting to be folded, three loads in all.

Folding the laundry is definitely my least favorite household task. I have started finding a way to put more joy into the tedious process though, so it's getting a little more bearable. And the kids are getting pretty good at helping, which is nice.

Now the only problem is that Gracie likes to help too. Her idea of helping is not the same as mine. She tends to take the folded clothes and dump them on the floor of whichever bedroom they belong in. This wouldn't be too bad if she set the clothes down instead. That means I spend a good portion of my folding time telling her to not touch the folded clothes. Actually, during the rest of the week I encourage her "help," but Monday's are a different story.

An hour later, this is what I had accomplished. I'm not sure how it's possible that 6 people go through this many clothes in 2 days, but that's the usual. I think a large part of it is due to the fact that Alex and Olivia like to change their clothes numerous times throughout the day. If they didn't have so much fun doing it, I'd definitely put a stop to it.
The kids are all responsible for putting their own clothes away. I tend to just put Eric's and my clothes on our dresser and put them away before bed. Putting clothes away is probably second on my list of least-liked tasks.

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Judy 9:41 PM  

I run into the same problem on Monday's too. I (try to) take Sunday's off from doing Laundry and sometimes I only do a load of towels on Saturday. So by the time Monday comes I have tons to do. But I enjoy the time away from the washer...even if it only for a day. I can't stand folding laundry either. My daughter is responsible for folding towels and underwear. Everyone is responsible for putting their own stuff away. Unfortunately I bring my clothes up to my room but more times than not they don't make it into there draw. Ugh. I need to work on that. So you are one up on me : )

Anonymous,  10:31 PM  

I do the same thing. I washed and folded 4 loads today... actually, I think there is a load waiting for me in the dryer. UGH! My kids love to help, too, especially the 14-month old. She "helps" by wearing everything on her head and scattering clean clothes to far corners of the house. ;-)

Proverbs30one 10:44 AM  

I also take the weekend off from doing laundry. Monday's are a chore - but with the kids helping it makes it a lot easier. I have had to come to the conclusion that I'd rather have the help and not have the towels folded "just so", than have to do it all alone.

Frugal Finds 11:06 AM  

I have some laudry if you are looking for more to do!!

Susie 11:46 AM  

Great tackle! I think Mondays are the worst!! You did a great job digging your way out:-)

Hadias 12:30 PM  

I have a family of six as well. I do try and wash at least one load on friday or saturday so that I'm not so overwhelming on Monday.

My husband often washes a load or two on Sunday's while watching football. This has been such a blessing.

I hope that you'll stop by and visit my tackle. I post alot regarding making homemaking easier. Consider subscribing to my blog if you like what you see.

Have a blessed week.

Anonymous,  5:10 PM  

Laundry ... still the bane of my existence!

Heart of Wisdom 8:35 PM  

Awesome--I think you did a wonderful job!!! Calls for take out pizza for dinner!!

Good Job MOM!

Come by and see me!!!!

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Peggy 2:20 AM  

Folding and putting away laundry is my least favorite also! My husband and son have just agreed to help by putting their own clothes away:)

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