Monday, September 22, 2008

I Had To Try

This weekend I decided to pick up a package of muffin tin liners at the grocery store. We've been eating lots of muffins around here lately and I just had to try to see if they would save me any time. I knew it wouldn't prove to be the most frugal route, but I just wanted to see what difference it would make.

I purchased a package of 50 liners for $0.99, with tax it was $1.04. That was the cheapest package I could find. This morning I made a triple batch match of muffins and used 36 liners. That works out to roughly $0.75 for the liners. I probably saved two minutes of my time.

Was it worth it? Honestly, I don't think so. We wanted to eat the muffins right away for breakfast, before they were cooled off all the way. That meant that some of the muffin still stuck to the liners and was hard for little hands to peel off. And $0.75 seems like a lot of money for just a two-minute time savings. In the future, I might keep some on hand just for those days when we are extra rushed and I could really use an extra two minutes. For all the other times though, I'll continue to just grease the tins by hand.

So my kitchen tip this week is to watch for ways to save time on everyday work, but be honest with yourself about the results. Even though it really takes so little time, I dread greasing the muffin tins. I really wanted to prove to myself that the convenience of the liners would be worthwhile. But I just didn't get the results I was hoping for. As I said, they'll be great to have on hand for emergencies, but I'll stick to doing it the old-fashioned way for the majority of the time.

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MammaMia 11:15 PM  

Have you ever tried "Bakers Joy"? It's a cooking spray and flour all in one. Because it's an aerosol it doesn't smell the best but it does come in handy. I know our store here carries a store brand that is a little cheaper.

Sonshine 8:32 AM  

Interesting! I get my liners in bulk at Gordon Food Service(the last time I got 500 for around $3) and I use them all the time when I make muffins because I can't find a way to grease my muffin tins where I am able to get them grease efficiently and well enough for the done muffins to come out of the pans. Got any tips? I also like using the liners because it makes for less cleanup when all is done.

I hear you too about trying to eat warm muffins and half of the muffin getting stuck in the papers. That happens here too esp. with choc. chip muffins or brownie bites. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Sherry 9:33 AM  

Bakers Joy is my best friend for baking!! :D I love it!

Cajunchic 10:18 AM  

I use cooking spray for this very reason. Even when we let them cool off completely they come apart when you take the liner off.

Niki 12:12 PM  

I use the rubber ones sometimes. They are reusable but still the same convenience of paper. Most times I spray the tins. I cannot live without my non stick spray

Anonymous,  5:12 PM  

I love the silicone baking cups (might be a nice gift idea for you)....LOVE them. The muffins release quickly. I don't like the sprays because I'm kind of picky about the residue that they leave on the muffin tins.

amysfinerthings 9:31 AM  

I only use liners for kids' parties. Otherwise it's cooking spray for me. I think the key is to run a butter knife around the muffin while it's still warm. Pops right out!

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