Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wisdom From The Mouth Of A Three Year Old

She has crazy, curly hair. She loves wearing her brother's Batman tattoos. She wears her bathing suit any chance she gets so that she can go swimming in the "pretend pool." And she is a wise, wise girl with a poet's soul.

Olivia has been fascinated with emotions lately and she has started to realize that her actions can alter the way someone is feeling. If she is not listening and senses I am getting impatient with her, she'll ask, "are you sad Mama?" When I praise her for a job well done, she instantly asks, "are you happy Mama?" When Gracie cries because she took something from her, Olivia will say, "her sad," and quickly give her back the toy or pick out a new toy that she thinks is a good substitute to give to Gracie.

When we were eating dinner tonight, she and Alex were discussing how they were feeling and acting out different emotions - big smiles for happy or pouty lips with slumped shoulders for sad.
When Alex was pretending to be sad, Olivia told him, "when you're sad, you should talk about things that make you happy."

It is remarkably simple, yet so wise. Funny how my 3 year old can teach me things I thought I already knew.


Sarah 1:17 AM  

What an adorable picture! I completely agree so simple and so profound what our little ones figure out.

A Grammatical Disclaimer

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