Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Postcard Project

Isabelle and I both agree that one of the most fun homeschooling projects we've done is the "Postcard Project." It has somehow been forgotten about, but now that I am looking through it, I would love to revive it, if my mom is willing to do it a second time.

The postcard project was pretty simple. It consisted of postcards sent to Isabelle from my parents when they went out of town anywhere, whether for business of pleasure.

Here is just a handful of postcards that I was able to find in 2 minutes. I know there are plenty more somewhere. Because my parents travel frequently, this project was very successful. If they didn't travel much, I would have had to be more resourceful.
On the back of each postcard, my mom would include a mini history lesson about the area where they were staying. Isabelle and I would follow each postcard up with a geography lesson and a trip to the library where we would get some books on each state or country.

My ultimate goal with this project was to create a scrapbook with each postcard getting a 2-page spread. Isabelle would write out some information on each area and we'd also scan the back of the postcard to put in the scrapbook. I also wanted to put a small world map picture on each page with the location highlighted, as well as a larger map to mark every location.

As you can probably tell, this hasn't been done yet. I think we might have to do that this year though. It would be fun to go through all of this with Isabelle again as the postcards are from almost two years ago. And maybe I can talk my mom into doing it again throughout the next year so that we can have even more to add to our scrapbook.

This creativity is one of our favorite things about homeschooling. There are lessons to be learned all around us every day if we are open to them. I love the fact that almost every time we eat a sandwich Isabelle reminds me that the Hawaiian Islands used to be called the Sandwich Isles and that they were named after Captain Sandwich. Even better than that is the fact that she learned this information in a postcard from her Nana. Learning and building memories - a perfect combination!

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eally 9:34 AM  

Hi, my homeschooled son and I participated in a postcard exchange on a yahoo group called Postcard kids a couple of years ago. It was really cool getting postcards from all over the world and trying to get them from all 50 states. We always requested some little tidbit of info be written on the postcard that pertained to the area it was being mailed from.

Nancy 12:15 PM  

What a great project. My grandparents traveled a lot too and I still have many of the postcards they sent from all over the world.

Michele 12:28 PM  

This is so fun! :) I did this for my youngest sister who is homeschooled. I did a lot of traveling during the summer of 2001, and sent her postcards from different places I visited (China, Canada, California). :) She also kept a wall map to mark the different places with thumbtacks.


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