Tuesday, July 08, 2008

WFMW: Coffee Ice Cubes

I know I've mentioned this before, but let me just reiterate: I LOVE COFFEE! I drink it all day long, often even taking a cup to bed with me to drink while reading before I fall asleep. Coffee (black and plain) and water are honestly the only two things I ever drink.

However, there are two things I do not like when it comes to coffee: throwing away the last of a pot at the end of the day and coffee that is too hot when I just can't wait to take that first sip. Especially that first cup of coffee in the morning. Usually, I add a little cold water, or even an ice cube or two, into my my cup before filling it with coffee. But then the coffee never tastes as good because it just gets watered-down.

I think I have stumbled onto a perfect idea though that solves both of my dilemmas: coffee ice cubes!

Instead of throwing that last bit of coffee in the pot away, pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze. Then, use those coffee ice cubes to make your steaming hot cup of coffee drinkable. You do not waste any coffee, you cool your coffee off faster, and you do not water it down at all. That definitely works for me! (One note though; make sure the coffee you freeze still tastes fresh and is not burnt!)

I really think this can be applied to so many other drinks that you do not want watered down also. Iced tea...lemonade...even tea ice cubes for hot tea. We are not pop drinkers, but I bet if you have some pop that is going flat you could make ice cubes out of it and then use those for your next glass of pop.

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The Apron Queen 12:23 AM  

I love iced coffee. Perfect for this too! Thanks for the idea. :D

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The Momster 1:19 AM  

Now that's a great idea. I had never thought about using the last of the coffee to freeze - even though I like to put a few cubes in my coffee!
I bet it would work with soda - I've frozen my Cokes before and I bet it would be great as an ice cube!
Thanks a bunch!

Michele 1:27 AM  

The little old ladies who planned potlucks at a church we went to always did this for their "essential" punch bowl. :) They would come in to the church the day before to freeze some punch.

Great tip! :)

Carol 9:06 AM  

Awesome tip, my coffee-lovin' sister! I'm sold!

Cajunchic 10:26 AM  

Awesome tip. My hubby would love this.

Brenda 11:30 AM  

Clever idea! I always add 2 ice cubes to my coffee to make it drinkable faster. Now I just need to find those old ice cube trays...

Jenn @ Casa de Castro 11:59 AM  

Being a coffee lover also, I was hesitant to try what my mom SWORE worked for her. But I tried it, it works, and now I have everyone in my office doing the very same thing. We even do it with the office coffee pot.

Turn the coffee maker OFF as soon as the brew cycle is complete. Leaving the pot on the still-heated burner continues to "cook" the coffee for however long the pot stays there, making it bitter and burnt tasting. Turning the burner off preserves the fresh brewed taste without making the coffee syrup-y. When it comes time for the second (or third or fourth) cup, simply fill your mug with coffee and re-heat it in the microwave for a minute or minue and a half. PRESTO! Perfect, fresh-brewed coffee ALL.DAY.LONG. And then if there is any left at the end of the day, it can be refrigerated overnight and reheated the next morning.

Being a "coffee snob," I really doubted this. But it's true. It works. Try it!

Niki 12:07 PM  

great idea!

Jodi 12:33 PM  

I'm not a coffee drinker, but reading about your coffee addiction gave me a good laugh today! great idea!

jen 2:11 PM  

Great tip! I don't drink coffee much, but when I do I hate waiting until it cools down. This is a perfect solution!

And, I think it would be awesome for all the other things you mentioned. Iced tea always gets so watered down by the ice!

Thanks for sharing the great tip!

Mrs. Querido 2:24 PM  

My husband will love this...and I will love not throwing away leftover coffee! Thanks for the fabulous idea :)

Runningamuck 4:32 PM  

What a great idea! Thanks! =0)

Audra Krell 6:54 PM  

I don't make coffee at home, but I am going to tell every person I know about this tip! Thanks for sharing-

Memarie Lane 7:50 PM  

Great idea. My mom and I were just discussing the troubles of watery iced coffee.

Tara 10:22 PM  

I kind of like this idea... Now I have to just remember it lol I think I am going to type up all these good ideas everyone has.. lol

Mari 1:24 PM  

Super idea! At first I thought you put coffee ice cubes in your water-gross, but in your coffee? Fabulous!!

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