Sunday, July 20, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 7/20

My planning for this week is a little off because of an early birthday dinner for Alex that we had tonight. He's turning 4 on Tuesday! Since Eric is not home for dinner during the week, and having dinner with Dad is always a big deal for the kids, we decided to do it early. So, my plan goes from Sunday to Saturday this week instead of the usual Monday-Sunday.


Su - French Toast
M- Oatmeal & Smoothies
T - Donuts from Tim Horton's (Birthday boy's special request. Half the fun is going out with dad in the morning to pick them up.)
W - Homemade English muffins, smoothies
Th - Banana pancakes
F - French Breakfast Puffs (made with whole wheat flour), smoothies
S - Bananas foster crepes


Su - Leftovers
M - Pepperoni pasta salad, watermelon
T - Grilled cheese, strawberries
W - Leftover pasta salad, cantaloupe
Th - Ham & cheese sandwiches, plums
F - Quesadillas, black bean and corn salad, yogurt
S - Tuna pasta salad, grapes


Su - Sloppy Joe's, corn on the cob, watermelon, onion straws, chocolate cake (This cake turned out awesome!)
M - Curry chicken crepes, mixed greens salad
T - Black bean and rice wet burritos, skillet corn
W - Ground turkey taco salad
Th - Chicken and spinach spaghetti
F - Pink pasta for the kids, E & K date night at home (probably take-out from our favorite restaurant)
S - BLTs, homemade french fries, mixed berry salad
You can find more Menu Plan Monday over at I'm An Organizing Junkie.


Brenda 7:50 AM  

The pink pasta recipe definitely looks like something my family would love! Thanks for the recipe!

Laura 11:04 AM  

Hope the birthday boy had a great time! It SOUNDS like he surely did!

Briana 12:05 PM  

I discovered the onion straw recipe yesterday! Looks yummy! I love how she has such great detail pictures...even a horrible cook like me couldn't screw that up, right?

teachermomof2 2:24 PM  

I also think the pink pasta recipe looks great! Thanks for sharing!

Have a blessed week!


Melanie 3:56 PM  

Thanks for so many great ideas. I need a cake for Bible Study tomorrow, and your's looks like a winner.

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