Sunday, July 27, 2008

My First Ever Complaint with My Kroger

I have had two $3 off Planter's coupons sitting on my desk for the past few weeks. I kept trying to figure out a way to use them since I don't buy many of the other items you have to purchase in order to redeem them. But, I do love dry-roasted peanuts (I can easily go through a jar a day when I'm pregnant) so I didn't want to not use them. Over the past few days I kept reading about the idea to buy Kool-Aid packets to fulfill the requirement. This seemed easy enough. The packets are only $.19 each, and I have a brother-in-law who just loves Kool-Aid.

So, today when we went grocery shopping, I was very anxious to use these coupons. We picked out our two jars of peanuts and 6 packets of Kool-Aid. Then we proceeded to finish our shopping and start checking out. When everything was rung up, I handed the cashier (who I did not recognize, so I am assuming she was fairly new) my coupons. She looked at them and asked if they were from the internet. I said yes. She told me that Kroger does not accept internet coupons that are over a dollar. I disagreed politely and asked her if she was sure because I have used many internet coupons for over a dollar there before.

She called the shift manager over and she asked the cashier if we had also purchased the 6 required products. I told her that we bought 6 packets of Kool-Aid. She just shook her head and said, "Nope. We don't accept internet coupons that are over a dollar unless they can be scanned." I asked if this was a new policy and she assured me that it wasn't. We then asked to have the peanuts and Kool-Aid taken off the total as we would not be buying them now. (I'll get my peanuts somewhere that will accept the coupon, thank you very much!) You would have thought this was the biggest hassle that shift manager had ever had to deal with. She even commented, "You know the Kool-Aid is only $.19 right?"

So, I am curious; has anyone else run into this problem at Kroger? Is this a company-wide policy, or just an individual store policy? And is this something new?


JadeMerie 11:23 PM  

I've never had a problem with my krogers, but then again I've not used internet coupons for a while because we don't have a functional printer right now. it's always been walmart that has given me problems with my coupons.

Lisa 11:24 PM  

I dont know about Kroger's but every grocery store around me will not accept coupons from the internet at all because too many people have used a lot of fake coupons with large amounts and so it is costing the stores $. I used to use them a lot but now none of my stores(safeway, walmart, albertsons and WinCo, Fred Meyer's) will accept them. Fred Meyer's here which is kroger's in other places won't accept those types of coupons and that just happened in the last year or so.

Proverbs30one 12:39 AM  

I don't have a Kroger near by, but this link shows you that Walmart DOES accept Internet coupons. Their store policy says so and they have to honor it. Print it off and show them. It worked for me.

beth 9:18 AM  

I'm in SE Michigan and our kroger won't accept any internet coupon, so I'll hit meijers when I want to use them.

Sharon 12:03 PM  

I have had the same problem at my Walmart not accepting the internet coupons. I will try the link that Proverbs mentioned and see if that works.

Jennifer 1:06 PM  

Well, I shop at Giant Eagle, which I think might be a Kroger store, but I could be wrong and the last time I shopped there I had trouble with my coupons. They wouldn't let me use more than 1 of a coupon at a time. So I started unpacking my bags and giving her all my multiple items back to void and she got very upset and asked the cashier next to her, who said just to use those coupons rather than return the items. I emailed corporate and they said the store was wrong, but I am still hesitant to use more than 1 coupon at a time now. Sorry you had that trouble!

Elle 5:44 PM  

I can't even remember when I had to stop using the Internet coupons at my Kroger. It was probably about 9 years ago. I use a GA Kroger. Don't know if that makes a difference.

Anyway, it was truly a hassle with them all the time. Now I stick to Sunday paper coupons or the ones the stores send me. Sorry you had the aggravation. I would have sent that Kool-Aid packing as well.

Brandy 8:23 PM  

I've had an issue with Kroger but my SS works there so I know a lot of the employees and they know I'm coming with tons of coupons.

Krogers should accept internet coupons since they PROVIDE them. I used all my Planters coupons at Krogers, so it's definitely not a nationwide policy.

Sorry you had so much trouble.


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