Sunday, July 27, 2008

Menu Plan Monday Week of July 28

There isn't too much going on around our house this week, but I am hoping to spend lots of time outside with the kiddos. With that in mind, I tried to plan a nice and simple week where all the meals could be made either the night before or in the morning. I've always loved the freedom cooking this way allows me, but I never appreciated it so much. Not only are my late mornings and afternoons completely free, I can still bake without worrying about heating up the kitchen during the hottest part of the day.

M - Bagels & smoothies
T - Peach and Oatmeal muffins
W - Peanut butter/honey toast and smoothies
Th - Cinnamon rolls
F - French toast (made with homemade banana bread)
S - Breakfast cookies and smoothies
Su - Leftover breakfast cookies or cinnamon rolls

M - Salmon turnovers (from the new 3Moms e-book), cantaloupe
T - Tostados, yogurt
W - Veggie wraps, cheese slices
Th - Tuna pasta salad, grapes
F - Grilled cheese, berry salad
S - Leftover buffet
Su - Egg salad sandwichers, celery & carrot sticks

M - BBQ chicken sandwiches, red potato & pea salad
T - Florentine stuffed shells and garlic toast
W - Chicken pasta salad made with grapes, bacon, and walnuts
Th - Vegetable stir-fry over brown rice
F - Italian turkey sausage and peppers with pesto white beans
S - BLTs and fruit salad
Su - Tacos and root beer floats
You can find tons more menu plans over at I'm An Organizing Junkie.


Michele 9:55 PM  

Your menu sounds delicious! :) What is your recipe for pesto white beans? Those sound really good.


Tracy 10:36 PM  

Clicked over from MPM and I have to tell you that I'll be watching your menus - this looks great! Oh, and I also love your grammatical disclaimer too. I could probably use something like that on my blog. Oh well!

Sonshine 10:59 PM  

yummy week!!!

Plan on me on Saturday...I love BLTs! :)

Enjoy your week!

Fit Healthy and Happy 1:58 AM  

I just love the combo of peanut butter and honey toast along with smoothies! We normally have it as a snack in the afternoon!

happyathome 7:42 AM  

The chicken pasta salad sounds super good, will be using that next week! Stop by my menu and enter for a chance to win some Hansen's SParkling Water to go with all of the meals we are planning!

mom_of2boys 2:51 PM  

Your menu looks great! I love the idea of using homemade banana bread to make french toast.

Thanks for sharing!

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