Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How Do You Blog?

I am so curious how everyone handles their blogging. So, if you don't mind indulging me for a few minutes, I have a few questions for you all.

  1. Do you keep a running list of blog post ideas?
  2. Do you only blog on certain days and about certain topics?
  3. Do you limit the number of memes you will participate in? And if so, what qualifications must a meme meet in order for you to join?
  4. Do you keep your family anonymous, or do you use real names?
  5. Do you feel guilty if you don't post for a few days?
  6. Are there any off-limit topics that you will not blog about?
  7. Do you monitor your blog stats on a regular basis?
  8. Do you ever sit and stare at your computer monitor, waiting for inspiration to hit, only to give up and decide to just post tomorrow? (Or, even better, when that inspiration does not hit, do you think "Oooh, I know, I'll ask everyone else about their blogging habits!")
  9. Do you, without fail, refrain from blogging on any certain days of the week?
  10. Do you do most of your blogging in one day and then just publish throughout the week?
  11. Do you limit the number of posts you will do on any one day?

I'd REALLY love to hear your answers. And, if you want, just copy and paste the questions on your blog and answer them over there.


Niki 8:07 AM  

I can't wait to read everyone's comments.

I do blog Mon-Fri. I am blogging for an organizing company so I have to do one every day of the week. I do get stumped for things to write and often feel the pressure to come up with something inspiring and awesome every day...(doesn't happen) I have to remember people are reading a blog and if they wanted formal information all the time they would read a website or a book. I think people like to know that we are real people and that is why I include some stories of families. I do use our real names just not last names, I know some people don't but I really don't think I am ever going to be that popular that people are going to stalk us.

As far as writing in one day, cannot do that. I heard people do that but I can usually start some and jot down some ideas but I always leave it up to the last minute to make changes and edits. I guess I work better under pressure.

I keep thinking "I have to come up with ideas for the next year" I have no idea how I am going to do that but I keep writing something. For me I have to not worry about it too much and write from my heart. You are doing a great job and I love reading about your family and how others do things so far away.

Ashley 8:13 AM  

I have only been blogging for about a week, but here are my answers:

I do not keep a running list of blog ideas, but that is a good idea, thanks!

I do not blog about different topics on different days, I just blog about what I am feeling that day or what I am learning in my personal Bible Study time.

I don't participate in any memes right now, although I have been thinking about a few of them. The ones I am thinking about starting are the ones that I really feel a personal connection to or would really like to do. I would not do them just to do them.

I use my families real names on my blog.

I haven't dealt with not posting for a few days yet, since I am still new, however I don't think I would feel guilty if I didn't post as long as it wasn't for more than a few days. Also I don't post on the weekend, just M-F.

I have not encountered a topic so far that I will not blog about. I am pretty open to blogging open what is relevant in my life at the time.

Since I am still new at this I have been monitering my stats to see if my blog is reaching people. However, once more people starting reading it and I know that I am not just writing for no reason, I don't think I will check as often.

I haven't yet experienced the "writer's block", but I definitely believe it is coming.

I blog everyday, except for Saturday and Sunday. And I just write the blog then and post it. I haven't written multiple blogs at the same time and post them later.

So far I have just posted once a day. However, if something were to happen after I post and I want to blog about it I would.

Well this is what I do at my blog. Enjoy!


JadeMerie 12:49 PM  

I'm really weird when it comes to blogging. I try to keep at least 1 months worth of posts on scheduled posts. And then I just add whatever I'm thinking about to my blog during the day.
I participate in as many memes as I have time, but I try to relate them to things I'm already going to post about. They have to be either frugal, Christian, tip type.
I check my blog everyday, but there are many days that I take off just because I'm busy with the kids. I try not to actually do any writing on Sundays as it is family day.
I do use everybodies names, but I'm thinking about going through and changing it.

Mary Ann 1:00 PM  

These are great questions, Kate! I've answered them on my blog. Thanks for giving me something to blog about today.;-)

Michele 3:30 PM  

Great questions, Kate! :) Here are my answers:
1. Yes, I do keep a list of blog ideas. (see #8)
2. I usually write about what comes to mind, but I can time it accordingly, along with memes, if it is convenient.
3. I only do a meme if it can fit well with a topic I already want to write about. I don't want to write about something that isn't really important to me.
4. I use a nickname for our daughter, but basically real names.
5. No, I don't feel guilty. Sometimes I just need a vacation! :) (Although, sometimes, if I know I'll be gone, I'll just write a scheduled post.)
6. I don't really want to get into politics on my blog, but other than that, I pretty much just try to stay with topics that correlate to the "theme" of my blog.
7. I get an e-mail once a week from StatCounter. I look at it, and then delete it. I write because I enjoy writing, not for the numbers. It's more of a curiosity thing. :)
8. Nope, sorry. :) I always seem to have something to say- I hope that's ok! :) I keep a running list of reading notes, Bible verses, tips, and ideas that I want to write about.
9. I don't necessarily refrain from blogging on a certain day of the week, but I make sure I only write when it doesn't interfere with my family. (Such as during Gen's naptime or Calvin's study time.)
10. No. I usually write on a daily basis. The only posts I might write ahead of time and publish later are my Simple Living posts, so that they will pop up early Thurs. morning.
11. I usually limit my posts to one a day- maybe two if something "extraordinary" pops in my brain. :) I tend to write longer, more thought-provoking posts, so I prefer to not "bury" them right away. :)

So, what are your answers? :)
Hope this helps!

Sonshine 10:52 AM  

Thanks for the link to the download! I just might start using that, maybe it will help me get my thoughts more organized! :)

I answered your questions over on my blog. You can read them here.

Barbara H. 11:53 PM  

I saw this at Elle's at A Complete Thought and did it today n connection with my two-year blogiversary.

Fit Healthy and Happy 2:09 AM  

So you sometimes participate in a meme? What is that? I've only been blogging a short time (less than 2 weeks) and am clueless in Arizona.


Love Bears All Things 1:45 PM  

I saw this at Barbara H.'s blog and will do it one day this week. I've already typed out the questions and just need to answer.
Mama Bear

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