Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy To Be At Home Site Issues Revisited

Due to all of the downtime issues we have been having with Happy To Be At Home.net lately, the site is being transferred to a new server. So for any of you who are wondering, it should be up and running again soon, hopefully by tomorrow at the latest. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Michele 1:44 AM  

I was wondering! :) Thanks for letting us know! I knew you would have the answer. :)

A Grammatical Disclaimer

I freely admit to consistently using improper grammar in the following areas:
1. I like run-on sentences.
2. I have a tendency to end sentences with a pronoun. (I really do. I can't help it.)
3. I always seem to use passive voice in my sentences. (See?)

I've been trying to break this habit, unsuccessfully, for years, so now I just accept that as my writing style, and since I'm not writing for grades anymore, I embrace it. (Again, see?)

Hence, I invoke Blogger Artistic License for this blog!

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