Monday, July 14, 2008

Gratituesday: Wonderful Neighbors

We are so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful neighbors. Our closest neighbors are all widows in their 80s who truly love us and our children. They view us as family, and we feel the same. Their eyes light up when they see the kids. When the kids see one of them outside, they always call out from the window. It has created a wonderful sense of community for us.

They are always bringing little treats over for us, whether homemade cookies, leftovers from church functions, or magazines that they've already read. They buy wonderful little treats for the kids on their birthdays and at Christmastime.

Eric is always helping them out in some little way also. He loves how willingly they come to him to ask for help changing light bulbs or taking their cars to get new tires. We truly have an old-fashioned relationship with them, and it is such a blessing.

Last week I was surprised with a wonderful treat. The man across the street brought us over a beautiful bouquet of freshly-cut roses from his backyard. He and his wife have created a wonderful rose garden in their backyard, and they are always willing to share their bounty. It is such a treat to be able to look at those flowers and know where they came from and the spirit in which they were given.

Another wonderful thing about our neighbors is that everyone in the neighborhood knows us and our kids. We have no hesitation in letting Isabelle scooter around our little subdivision by herself because we know there are at least 10 pairs of eyes keeping track of her all the time. She'll often stop to talk with a neighbor and her little dog. She tells me that she loves to talk to this woman and that she is her friend. Keep in mind, this woman is 74. I am so pleased that our kids have this wonderful opportunity to develop friendships outside of their age range.

I remember when I was younger we had a next door neighbor that I would go visit often. Mrs. Pasternak always had cookies and juice for me, and we would sit at her kitchen table and chat. To see Isabelle forming relationships like that now is so heart-warming.

Our neighbors and neighborhood truly are a blessing, and we thank God for them often.

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Heather 8:41 AM  

It sounds as though you have a wonderful neighborhood. There's not too many of those around nowadays.

Laura 10:15 AM  

It IS great to have wonderful neighbors. I remember a couple of years ago when one of my neighbors said, "I love watching your boys play outside!" It made me feel so secure knowing that I had extra eyes watching out for my kids.

Sherry 3:37 PM  

Neighbors are definitely a blessing. We live on a military base and the past 2 bases our neighbors have been so helpful especially when dh has been deployed with mowing grass/shoveling snow, etc. :D I like to then in turn bring homemade goodies for them.

Michele 5:11 PM  

Oh, your neighbors sound so nice! :) How wonderful!

By the way, I put up my new book review for you on my blog, but I don't think I put in any spoilers! :) It should be safe for you to read, while you're waiting for your book to arrive. :)

Michele :)

Cajunchic 11:30 PM  

We have wonderful neighbors also. The kids think of our closest as a grandmother and she brings them presents all the time. I have had my fair share of really bad neighbors so I know what a blessing it is.

Sorry I have been so hit or miss with commenting lately. Things have been crazy with finishing up the school year and all the summer activities. I promise to be a better bloggy friend soon.

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