Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What is Happening to My Freezer?

This month I am feeling the effects of slacking in making freezer meals. Right now, the only prepped food in the freezer is one bag of meatballs and 3 packages of browned ground beef. I am supposed to be enjoying all the fruits of my labor at this time of month! Sadly, I'm not.

I have an excuse though! I really do. My visit to my sister's house with the kids happened early in the month. The days I should have spent making freezer meals were instead spent packing and getting ready. That's a good enough reason, right? Nah, I didn't think so either.

I guess I'm just not sure what happened. I do know I don't want it to happen again though. I really need to spend some time this weekend planning everything out for next month. I still have to update all the prices on my Master Grocery List to reflect all of the rising costs of food.

Summer is a more difficult time to make freezer meals. Many of the meals I usually freeze, especially casseroles, are just not the kind of foods I crave when it is hot out. I need to come up with some new recipes that have that summer taste yet still freeze well. Suggestions anyone?


Andie 12:22 PM  

I LOVE BLT's in the summer. Maybe you could cook up some bacon and keep it in the freezer so when the craving for a BLT comes along (or it's on the menu!) you can just get the bacon out of the freezer, cut up some tomatoes, lettuce, and toast some bread...wallah...BLTs.
I totally understand though, I really don't like cooking in the summer. It's hot enough, I don't want to add to the heat!
If you come up with any good summer food (non-cooking is best!) I'd love to hear it!!


Anonymous,  1:06 PM  

Part of our meal last night came the freezer - I guess having some of it already done would be better than none. Awhile back when petite sirloin steaks were on sale I bought some, cooked some right away, then put the rest in a ziploc bag with some marinade and froze it. As it thawed yesterday, it gave the marinade some time to work on the steak. Then it was a quick flip on the grill and they were done. This marinade concept could work on other meats too.

Niki 3:55 PM  

We tend to barbecue alote. Or we have a salad instead of a rice or potatoe side. I find most freezer friendly meals are more appropriate for the winter but some basic taco/enchillada meat would go great with a salad or veggies/cold pasta salad and a smoothie or iced coffee. oh it must be supper time I am drooling.

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