Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...Whoa, That's Some Hair!

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AreWeThereYetMom 2:07 AM  

I absolutely love it.
My daughter has the same fly away, looks like she just got up in the morning look too.

Too cute.

Busymama Karen 4:11 AM  

I can totally relate

Katrina 5:51 AM  

I've seen that look somewhere before!
Oh, that's right, it looks back at me every morning in the mirror when I have just got up

Niki 7:48 AM  

Kind of!looks like mine right now. what a cutie!

suzof7 11:59 AM  

I suppose it shouldn't be, but that is very cute. I have one that can brush her hair and then just turn her head and it gets like this.

Anonymous,  1:30 PM  

That's what my little one looks like at any given moment during the day....

Michele 2:48 PM  

So Cute! :) We're having a crazy hair day today, too. Gen just wants to live outside, and hardly sat still for me to do her hair. oh well. :)


Queen of My Domain 3:57 PM  

To cute, my daughters have had hair days like that before.

Muthering Heights 9:02 PM  

That is some hair, but it's so cute too!

Cajunchic 10:32 AM  

That is adorable!

Audra Marie 12:42 PM  

LOL - love the hairdo. :) Happy WW!

Jenileigh 9:50 AM  

Aww! Happy WW!

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