Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Boy and His New Obsession

Look closely at this handsome boy above. Do you notice a recurring theme? He currently is the K.O.T.S. (King of Two Shirts).

He went through this same phase for a while last year. However, it was winter then, and Eric was wearing two shirts himself a lot. So, Alex followed suit. But now it is summer. And Alex REALLY wants to wear two shirts everyday, and usually a pair of pants as well. (Oh, and if he is pretending he is at work, it is imperative that you call him Sir Alex! If you forget, you will be swiftly reprimanded by the KOTS.)

Whenever we are going out, even if it's just to play out back, I have to make him change into summer clothes. You see, he's not yet 4 and doesn't know what heatstroke even means. So, he dutifully changes into shorts and tank top, but not before I promise him that he can put his two shirts back on once we are back in the house.

And he never forgets! The second that door closes, he is off to his bedroom to put his two shirts back on. I know it's just a phase. Eric and I are really getting a kick out of it. All hail the King of Two Shirts!


Cajunchic 10:30 AM  

Yep I think it is a new fad or something. It is the middle of dead heat here and my daughter appears to be the queen of two shirts.

Alisa 12:47 PM  

My son has the same heat/cold weather appropriate clothing issues. Not that it really matters here, since he wore a sweatshirt and sweatpants to play outside with his was only 102 outside. He's 7, not 4. I've almost given up on him, but luckily, his sister is taking over and picking out appropriate clothes for him now. And he complains that she's too "bossy"

Michele 6:59 PM  

Don't you love these times when a little person's personality and opinions just shine? :) Priceless- especially since he got the idea from Dad! :)


Elle 10:41 PM  

Two of my three sons all went through this phase. It exasperated me for a while because of the double in laundry. Then I remembered my own 80's phase of double shirts, and that was all I had to say about it.

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