Sunday, June 08, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This week I will be out of town visiting my family with all four kids. We will be staying at my sister's home and seeing my parents almost daily. My sister and I have managed to figure out some of our meals already for ourselves and our 7 combined children. (Her husband will be out of town for business while we are there.) The rest of the week is up for grabs right now. I will be spending tomorrow making what I can for my husband to have while we are out of town, although I don't have a very specific plan for that yet.
M - Pancakes and bananas
T - Sausage and cheese omelette, toast (a nice filling breakfast before our drive in hopes of not having to stop for lunch. We will also be taking a batch of breakfast cookies in the car for snacking.)
W - S - Cinnamon rolls (I am baking a double batch to bring with), muffins, waffles, cereal
Su - Sunshine toast, homemade hash browns
M - Turkey and cheese sandwiches, cantaloupe and strawberries, yogurt
T-S - Up for grabs, at my sister's house
Su - Dad's pick
M - Asian chicken and noodle salad with homemade peanut-ginger dressing
T - Tacos and fruit
W - (Birthday party and early Father's Day celebration with my dad)Chicken kabobs, rice, salad, the BEST cake ever
Th - Not sure what our main dish will be, but I am definitely introducing my sister to crash hot potatoes. I made these today and they are AWESOME!
F - Up for grabs
S - Tuna casserole, biscuits
Su - Cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, watermelon, Pepsi 4-layer dessert
For more Menu Plan Monday, head on over to Laura's blog.


Michelle 12:01 AM  

I must make with dd the breakfast cookies..and the sausage and cheese omlet sound delicious..have a great week with your sister ;-)

Laura 12:05 AM  

Hope you have a wonderful time at your sister's house! Sounds like a lot of fun!

Org Junkie 12:24 AM  

Your asian chicken and noodle salad sounds yummy, would love the recipe!

Michele 12:26 AM  

I'll be traveling this week too!

It's nice you were able to coordinate meals with your sister ahead of time. I'll just be taking a list of staples along with me, and we'll see what happens! :)

Enjoy your trip!

Nancy 9:30 AM  

Enjoy your week with family. Wishing you safe travels.

I'm going to have to try those Crash Hot Potatoes. I love PW's site.

Anonymous,  1:49 PM  

Hmm...this is the second blog that's mentioned Crash Hot Potatoes. I'll have to check those out.

Anonymous,  7:46 PM  

I MUST try the crash hot potatoes! They are most definitely going into my menu for next week.

Niki 8:32 PM  

Lots of goodies this week I see...what on earth is a Pepsi 4 layer dessert???


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