Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday: The BEST Potato Peeler Ever

I used to have the most difficult time peeling potatoes. The peelers I used to have never did the job well enough. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I would just learn to make do.

Then one day my eyes were opened and I saw the light. I did not just have to "make do!' No, not ever again, because my husband bought me the only potato peeler I will ever use from here on out.It is a product from Taste of Home Entertaining and I can not recommend it highly enough (and NO, I am not a consulant, just a very satisfied customer). It has become my favorite go-to gift to get for just about anyone. The handle is weighted so it provides just the right amount of resistance. And look at the teeth on this thing.

The only problem I have found with it so far is that it can do a pretty good job of slicing a finger if you are not careful. I have learned to peel down whatever I am peeling to avoid that problem. This is one peeler that definitely works for me. To read more WFMW posts, head over to Shannon's blog.


ames 12:41 PM  

Wow, that is one fierce looking potato peeler! I think all potatoes would run and hide from that baby!
Do the teeth make it go a faster?

MammaMia 5:20 PM  

Wow where do you find one of those mean looking things? I HATE my peeler. I've missed a few post, so I'll just leave all comments here. First of all Happy Anniversary. Your hubby sounds like a great guy. Second do you have a recipe for tortillas? I tried making them once, they were so bad that my honey didn't even eat them. That's saying a lot because he eats everything!

Lisa 7:06 PM  

I have been looking for a really good peeler as i seem to go through them so fast. I just havent found one that will last me longer then a year of so...i quess i just use it too much.

Tara 9:58 PM  

Thanks for the post.. that sounds like a pretty great peeler.. lol I will look into getting one.

Mari 10:04 PM  

There should be majestic music playing in the background. That peeler looks like the Cadillac of all peelers!

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