Friday, May 02, 2008

Day 2 - What to do with 11 Pounds of Ground Beef

Although I was not planning on doing any freezer cooking today, I decided that I really needed to since the ground beef was marked down at the grocery store. I did not want to freeze it just to have to thaw it in a few days. And since we were home from the store by 9:30, I had plenty of time.

So, here's what I did with 11 pounds of ground beef today.

I used 5 pounds to make meatloaf cups and meatballs. I browned the other six pounds with some onions.

I separated the browned ground beef and bagged up 6 bags for the freezer. With the remaining, I made a double batch of sloppy joes. We had one batch tonight for dinner, and the other batch will go in the freezer. It is an extra large batch, so it will be enough for sandwiches one night and a sloppy joe pasta bake some other night. I also bagged up 2 meals worth of meatballs and one of meatloaf cups. (Olivia was my happy helper through the whole process, and I was thankfully able to get most of the work done while Gracie napped.)

For breakfast today, we had a VERY rare treat and picked up McDonald's on the way to the grocery store. It worked out really well since the youngest three still had food left to finish when we got there, and it kept them occupied.

For lunch, we had one of our new favorites, tuna spread with crackers. It feels like a big indulgence, and the kids love because it's fun to eat and tastes good. To make the spread, combine 8 oz. cream cheese, 1 can tuna, 1 T. lemon juice, oregano, salt and pepper. Let chill until ready to eat. That's all there is to it, but it is SO good! We also had strawberries with lunch.

Dinner was sloppy joes, cheesy potatoes, and peas. This is Alex's favorite meal, and one of Eric's too, although we all really enjoy it. I made the potatoes at the same time I was making all of the meat dishes. I love to have my dinners fully cooked by lunch time everyday, and I manage everyday except for the weekends. (You can read more about that here.) The picture just shows the kids' food because I like to eat with Eric on Friday nights after he gets home. Why should he have to eat alone every night at 10pm or later? It ends up being a nice treat for both of us, and a good segway into the weekend.

Joy and Toni have been doing some wonderful things so far. Please make sure you visit their kitchens also!


Donna(mom24boyz) 11:36 PM  

I love the meatloaf cup idea! My kids love love love meatloaf, yet I hate making it because I have to have my meat thawed early and then it takes a few hours to bake.

Cooking it ahead in a muffin pan would be a big timesaver!

Love it!

Candace 11:41 PM  

I'm so impressed that you were able to get all of that done in the kitchen with all of those little ones around.
I think this series you are doing is really great.

Joy 1:22 AM  

I only have 5 pounds of ground beef to brown tomorrow. I can't imagine doing 11 pounds of it!

Just curious: Are those IKEA kids' plates in one of the pictures?

Lizzie 6:57 AM  

New reader here! Found you via The Happy Housewife and I'm following along with all three of the 'challenge moms'. Just had to pop in and say I love your site. You inspired me to re-attack the issue of my Master Meal and Master Grocery Lists. I started plugging in regular shelf prices right on the list as you did in your example. Awesome idea. Can't believe I didn't think of it myself, LOL.


The Happy Housewife 8:02 AM  

I love the little sandwiches on the plates! It has been a long time since we have done that! My kids are huge eaters! Now it is 3 sandwiches on a plate!
Thanks for bringing back some sweet memories!

Jennifer 11:06 AM  

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It looks like you have been busy in the kitchen, i love productive days like that.

Andie 2:28 PM  

I love what you are doing! I almost always make a double or triple batch of sloppy-joes, meatballs, taco meat, etc and freeze them for future use. But, I've never done them all at the SAME time! You go girl! :o)

The garage sale went pretty well...didn't get rid of nearly enough "STUFF." A lot of what didn't go was winter/fall stuff, so we are just going to store our stuff and try again in September. It's all priced and sorted, so it should be pretty easy to set it up.
Don't know yet how much we made, my friend had to run off to her daughter's soccer game, and we are now off to Abbigail's...we'll figure it out later.

Have a great weekend-Andie

Nancy 3:31 PM  

I'd say you made a big dent today in your freezer cooking. Way to go!
I am definitely going to try the tuna spread recipe. That will be great for hubby and I to take in our lunches; will make a great after school snack for the girls too.
I just finished my menu plan/shopping list for the next 2 weeks. I'm determined to keep my budget this month! (Thanks to you 3 moms...)

Anonymous,  7:44 AM  

I was wondering... for that tuna spread how long should i soften the cream cheese before mixing it with everything else?

Kate 8:35 AM  

anon - I would soften it at least 20 minutes, just until it's easily spreadable.

Nancy 9:06 AM  

Please share your recipes for your sloppy joes and cheesy potatos. I have yet to find a sloppy joe recipe that our oldest will eat.

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