Sunday, April 27, 2008

Putting 100% Trust in My Husband

I trust my husband implicitly. I always have and always will. As evidence, I ask him to cut my hair on occasion. He is the one responsible for cutting the children's hair (trust me, there is no option that I be the one to do this as I couldn't cut a straight line to save my life). Every time I ask, he is always more than willing. And fortunately, he does give a pretty good hair cut.

I have wanted to cut my hair since October. I've been growing out a bad haircut (a professional one) since Gracie was born and it just hasn't been working out for me. So, Eric and I have been bringing up the idea of him cutting my hair for 6 months. One thing or another always comes up, or we forget about it, and it just hasn't happened yet...

Until last night! Now by this point, my hair had grown past my shoulder blades. I thought it would be a nice change of pace to have it cut to chin length, and that would also be enough to cut out all the "bad" parts of my last hair cut. We had nothing better to do so we decided to just do it. Eric wanted me to wash my hair first so that it would be wet when he cut it. I thought it wouldn't be necessary, and I also thought it would help to keep the length where I wanted it when it was dry. I pulled my hair straight (remember this part, it is very important), put my fingers at chin length, and Eric used that mark as his starting point. He started cutting. By the time he was at the back of my head I put my hand up and realized my hair was just below my ear! Eric had cut from where my fingers were, but I had pulled my hair down to mark it, so it obviously was much shorter when it was just hanging naturally. But there was no turning back now. Eric continued to cut and did a wonderful job of evening it all out. But it was so much shorter than I had wanted.

I was kind of in a state of shock at first. Eric was very apologetic. He also told me, with all sincerity, that he really liked it and thought it looked good. It has grown on me since last night and I pretty much like it. The mindset that Eric and I have always approached him cutting my hair with is: it's just hair, it will grow back. So, it will grow back. And in the meantime, I am so glad that Eric likes me with short hair. It will also be nice during the summer to not have hair on my neck. And then it will grow back!


The Happy Housewife 10:47 PM  

I am sure you will love having short hair during the summer. I can't believe you didn't post a picture!
As for me, there is no way I would let my husband come near my hair for a million dollars! And he wouldn't want to either, I am glad we agree on this...

MammaMia 11:21 PM  

Wow, I don't know if I would trust my husband to that extent! I agree with happy housewife!

Kate 11:52 PM  

Well, he's always done a fantastic job with the kids. And, he's done great with my hair in the past. We always agree beforehand that if it doesn't turn out right that I'll just go get it cut professionally the next day. What's life without a little adventure, right? :-)

Nancy 9:40 AM  

Oh, you are brave. BOTH of you! I would never ask my husband to cut my hair nor would he ever accept the challenge! I'm sure you'll grow to love short hair. Where's the picture of the new you? And what was the kids' reaction?

Andie 9:42 AM  

I have had maybe 3 haircuts in the past 4 years. I just have LONG, strait, one length hair. Last summer I cut over 8 inches off the entire length, and it was still way past my shoulders. It's about time to cut some length off again. I know it's time to cut it again when I put it up
I have had short hair in the past and just find it so much more work. I like pony-tails and braids. I love my husband, but I don't think I would trust him with my hair! :o) I do cut our daughter's hair, and a friend does our sons with her clippers (I noticed they are only $ I might go get some so I don't have to keep bugging our friend.) Hubby has to get his done professionally because I don't trust MYSELF to cut his hair! :o)


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