Friday, April 11, 2008

Frugal Friday: Reusing Diaper Boxes

Probably like most of us, we buy a lot of diapers at our house. I love to buy the large boxes for the convenience, but also for the box the diapers come in. These boxes are the perfect size and strength to be reused for many different things.

1. They are wonderful for out-of-season, waiting for the next child to be that size, clothing storage. They are strong enough and big enough to hold a good amount of child-sized clothing and they stack on top of each other very nicely.

2. They make wonderful toy organizers. We currently have three in rotation: one for toy food, one for little dolls, ponies, etc., and one for Gracie's infant toys. As mentioned above, they stack nicely and are usually durable enough to withstand the abuse they take from constant use by 4 kids.

3. They can be cut open and the flaps cut off to make a nice pantry liner in wire-shelved pantries.

4. They are a great size for holding craft/art supplies.

5. Papers fit perfectly in them and Isabelle has a diaper-box for each school year thus far that holds her best papers, art projects, etc. I also store all the books and workbooks from each school year in a diaper box so that everything is in one easy place when the next child is ready for that material. Depending on the box I either just write directly on the box with a Sharpie, or I tape a piece of paper on it, to tell me the contents.

Here are some other ideas I've had for re-using diaper boxes that I just haven't had the time or space to implement yet:

1. Cut the top flaps off two boxes, saw in half, and tape the four pieces together so that the open sides face out on all four sides and make an old-school style Barbie house.

2. Tape the boxes completely shut, paint, and use as large building blocks.

3. Cut the top flaps off and tape 3 or 4 boxes together, one on top of the other, to use as bookshelves, shoe storage, or any thing else that you can think of.

That's just a few, but I'm always trying to come up with other ways to put these wonderful boxes to use. They're an inevitable part of life around here so why not find frugal ways to repurpose them? Do you reuse your diaper boxes? And if so, what do you use them for? I'd love to know!

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Laura 10:36 AM  

Great ideas! They ARE a great size for so many things. And they're sturdy! I like how you've thought of SO many things to use them for!! more diaper boxes for us... Our littlest guy is now potty trained!! Hooray!! Any ideas of keeping the potty clean with FOUR little boys using it?! (ugh) :)

Sarah 10:41 AM  

What wonderful ideas! I have reused the boxes before, but you listed so many possibilities that hadn't even entered my mind.

I might cut a box down to about 6 inches tall and store my CVS finds in it that keep falling over over the place and driving me CRAZY. Thank you!

Cajunchic 10:42 AM  

Great ideas. We dont have any in diapers right now but I may just ask my cousin for her boxes so i can try some of these.

Andie 10:44 AM  

I ALWAYS used my leftover diaper boxes! Out-sized clothing was the mainstay, crafting supplies, items for Goodwill, etc. they came in very handy when we moved. My youngest is now almost 4, and has been wearing "Big girl panies" for nearly a year, and I dearly miss the diaper boxes! I have even asked a few of my friends for their empty boxes...but now they saw how many uses there are for the boxes and selfishly keep them to themselves! :o) Oh well...guess I'll have to find another source for good boxes!


Lynn 1:59 PM  

Great ideas. When my kids were done with diapers I realized how much I missed getting those boxes. You are right they are a perfect for lots of things. My favorite use was for clothes that were stored in the attic.

Mary Ann 2:25 PM  

I don't have kids of my own but provide childcare for 2 toddlers so I see some diapers in my house. I am always thrilled when a box comes walking in.:-) They are so strong-perfect for storing extra canning jars and I also keep one for putting excess CVS finds in to donate. When it's full, I bag the stuff up(wouldn't want to lose the box!haha)and donate it. The smaller heavy boxes that bulk wipes come in are perfect for covering with fabric and using as a storage basket. I made these into diaper baskets for the little ones.

You have some great ideas for using the diaper boxes-thanks for sharing!

Michele 2:31 PM  

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)
I really miss those diaper boxes, now that we're looking a moving this summer. DD is in cloth diapers, so no more diaper cases for us. :(
Great post, though! :)

Angie 3:03 PM  

I love those boxes!!! but we have tranfered to cloth dipes in the last 6-8 months with our 4th child and those boxes are dearly missed in this home as well. we do buy disposables every now and then so I get a box here and there! I had never thought of some of the ideas you had though. Wow wish I had more!

Susan 11:16 PM  

I have a stash as well! I noticed recently that one brand comes in boxes similar to printer paper boxes. They were colorful and had lids. I hope the other companies pick up on that before my littlest is out of diapers!

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