Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Mood-lifting Mascara

Most of my days are spent completely make-up free. My husband prefers me without make-up, although he doesn't mind when I do wear it either. So, if we are staying home and not having company over, I forgo make-up altogether.

However, there are some days when everything seems to be a little off. I am moving too slowly, or feeling a little stressed or self-pitying. When I look in the mirror on these days, my off feelings are only exacerbated. I physically look tired or just not right. At these times, I pull out my trusty pink and green tube of mascara and swipe some on my lashes. Instantly my eyes stand out and I look less tired. It's a silly little thing, and probably a little vain, but when I see this boost to my appearance, it also seems to boost my mood. Just feeling more pulled together allows me to pull myself together so that I can get our day back on track. There's really no good explanation why this works for me, but I won't question it. Is there any small, trivial thing that you do that you find can change the whole outcome of your day? I'd love to hear about it!


Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife 12:31 AM  

I completely agree with you! A little mascara goes a long way!!

I always feel better right after brushing my teeth, so some days...I use a LOT of toothpaste!

Playful Professional 8:57 AM  

I do the same thing but with my black eyeliner. Anytime I look or feel incredibly tired, I just put a little on and I feel much better! Mascara does the same thing.

The Daileys 1:12 PM  

Funny how such a simple thing will work, but it does- I am very light on the make up anyway, but if I am having an off day and tempted to leave it off altogether, it is surprising how much better I feel when people aren't saying, "dear, you look a little tired today."

Christy 4:34 PM  

My big lift-me-up is painting my toenails!! Crazy, I know! No one else sees them, but for about a week after I paint them, every time I'm barefoot, I stop and smile at my toes! I'm crazy, I know!
Have a wonderful "mascara" day!!

Life In Progress 7:56 PM  

Oh, I agree! And some tinted lip gloss always works for me too.

Marie 9:05 PM  

For me it's earrings. I don't feel like such a slacker if I've got some on. Although I usually don't. :P

Kathy in WA 12:12 AM  

Love that little pink and green tube! Consistently gives me a great finish. I like to use an eyelash curler as well. Nothing like pretty, long lashes to brighten your look.

Duckabush Blog

Mamacita 1:58 AM  

Yes, love mascara boosts! And I also like to put on a little bit of Covergirl lipslicks - it's very sheer and non-lipstick-y & the rosey color perks my face up. :)

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