Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday: Little Girl's Hair??

My 2.5 year old daughter is absolutely adorable. But, she has this crazy, out of control hair that is growing in in patches so that one area is longer or thicker than the other. The back is somewhat curly and unfortunately looks a bit like a baby mullet currently. I've tried barettes, but they never stay in. We've gotten it professionally cut once, but that didn't really help much either. We've pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that we just have to wait until her hair grows out. So my question is: is there anything we can do to help it look cute until it grows out more? If you're in this situation, what works for you? Click here for more "What Works For You" questions.


Meshellyn 11:01 AM  

LOL, I'm in a similar predicament. My DD has a mohawk! She's 9.5 months old and has thick, long hair right down the middle, no hair to the sides yet, and short hair in back. It's quite amusing. This morning I found a package of those snapping barrettes and pulled part of it to the the side, but it's not holding in place well with her baby-fine hair.

Could you use a headband that wraps around her head with a bow on top to "tame" and cover her hair a bit, or have you tried low pigtails in the back since that is where it is longer?

Good luck!

We are THAT Family 11:08 AM  

My two girls have fine hair that tends to stick up, they don't like hats or bows. I use a water bottle A LOT. That's it-that's all I have and it's scraping the bottom of the barrel. I think I need help with this one too.

Aunt Christine 1:47 PM  

Hi Kate!
My hair used to be so thin that mom would tape bows to my head because she was tired of people saying of her only child at the time, what a cute little boy she had. Then, when I was in second grade, my mom took me to the neighbors house for a haircut and it was HORRIBLE!!! Mom cried all the way home. (only 3 doors down but still) But, my hair grew back much thicker and still is to this day. (I'm 41 now.)

Miss & Love you!

Aunt Christine 1:50 PM  

Not that Miss Thing should get a bad haircut from the neighbors. I'm just saying that it should grow out and be beautiful as ever. If it doesn't let me know. I'll get the number to the 'ol neighbors. ;)

Little Piddles 3:52 PM  

Sounds like my daughter. Since her hair is curly int he back and poker straight in the front I get the front cut a fe winches shorter so when her curls bounce up it's all one length. Every mornign I spray her hair with water or water bottle just to mist it. For special occassions I out a dolop of hair gel in (her hairdresser said it wouldn't damage her hair.

For hair clips there are two things you can do:

use mini elastic bangs (they are the size of a dime. good for everyday use as you don't want to break her hair)

line the inside of an alligator clip with self adhesive velcro stripes. Thsi helps it to not slide out as easily. Trust me my daughter has baby fine hair and this really works.

Not trying to make a sale here, but on my website in the baby category I do sell hair clips that are lined. I have a designer who makes them, but am going to add ones I make as well so I can sell them as a lesser cost. If ever interested let me know and I'll get them on my site sooner. But like I already mentioned if you have ones already all you have to do is add the velcro:)

Kate 8:04 PM  

Thanks for all the great tips everyone! I will definitely be trying some of them out. I especially like the water bottle idea. That might come in very handy.

Jessica,  2:24 PM  

They work. For real!!

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