Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday: Kitchen Scissors

I will be the first to admit that I am emotionally attached to my kitchen scissors. While this may be unhealthy, I will not be talked out of it! You see, I used to spend HOURS cutting up my kids' food before each meal. It was such a pain. Who doesn't hate trying to cut spaghetti and meat sauce into toddler bite-sized pieces with a knife and fork. Yet such was the drudgery of my life until someone enlightened me with this genius idea: BUY KITCHEN SCISSORS YOU SILLY WOMAN!

I wasn't too sure about this idea at first. Isn't that a little lazy? I mean, if I don't spend 5 hrs/day cutting up my kids food, how will they ever know how much I love them? Then, I tried it for the first time. Sadly, I do not remember what the first meal was that I used them for, but I do know I was instantly smitten. I can cut through layers of lasagna or chunks of chicken in no time. I line the kids plates up on the counter and make my way down the line with scissors in hand. I can easily control how big or small I want the pieces to be. There are still some things that are just easier to cut with a knife, like bananas, but that's okay. I just love my kitchen scissors, they really work for me!

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~Mary~ 4boys4me 12:36 AM  

Hmmmm, sounds interesting. Are these just normal scissors delegated to the kitchen or scissors made especially for the kitchen?

Kate 12:44 AM  

They are special kitchen scissors. Here's the definition from Wikipedia:

Kitchen scissors, also known as kitchen shears, are similar to common scissors. The main difference is the location of the fulcrum. Kitchen scissors have the fulcrum located farther from the handles to provide more leverage and thus more cutting power. High quality kitchen scissors can easily cut through the breastbone of a chicken.[citation needed]

P.S. - Target has a 2pk. of KitchenAid kitchen shears on sale this week for $9.99.

Anonymous,  1:06 AM  

i LOVE my kitchen scissors...makes things so much easier :0

great tip!

Meshellyn 12:53 PM  

Are you cutting before or after the food is cooked? It seems messy to me. But if it works, I'm glad to know about it!

Jinxy & Me 1:24 PM  

I love my kitchen shears too. There are so many things I use them for while cooking too. It's much easier to cut up small things like fresh herbs with the shears rather than trying to use a knife!

Mom2fur 3:08 PM  

Awww, next thing y'know, you'll be telling us you don't handgrind your own flour or pluck your own chickens! What kind of mother are you?
Just kidding!
I love my kitchen scissors, too!

Kate 4:32 PM  

meshellyn - I really haven't found it to be messy at all. I cut the food after it is cooked.

mom2fur - I know, I know...although I would LOVE to grind my own flour someday, but I will stay away from plucking chickens. I have a hard enough time shredding chicken that is fully cooked.

fullheartandhands mama 6:01 PM  

I do this! I saw a friend cutting pizza with them and I've never turned back. My pizza cutter gets kinda lonely.

MamaDuck 9:48 PM  

This is the first time I've heard about someone else doing this. I have a whole section in my silverware drawer that is just for scissors. I love it. It is so much easier. We have four kids, so cutting up waffles and pancakes and pizza and spaghetti...the list is is so much easier and faster.

Smellyann 1:33 AM  

We do this, too - it saves so much time and is so easy and effortless! We have fancy Wusthof ones because my husband's a snob, but it would be nice to have a few, cheaper pairs, toO!

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