Thursday, March 25, 2010

Budding Entrepreneurism

Isabelle has been a fledgling entrepreneur her whole life. For as long as I can remember, she's had ideas of products to make or services to offer that she could make a little money from. And I've always been so proud of that and done whatever possible to nurture and help along her little ventures.

Now, she is officially on the up and up as an entrepreneur. She has a "shop" at school that is open every recess. She makes and sells jewelery, journals and decorations. She's doing quite well too. In fact, last night she had to make two journals that were back-ordered. Her prices are fair (very, VERY fair) and her quality of work is remarkable.

As a wise entrepreneur, Isabelle has realized that no business can become successful in a bubble. So she has teamed up with a friend who also runs a shop during recess. This friend's shop is a spa that offers massages, manicures and hairstyles. The two girls work in the same location and promote each others business. They also give each other 40 cents of every dollar they earn. Smart little girls, aren't they?

Eric and I really enjoy hearing the tales of our tiniest business owner. We're all in the same boat as business owners, so the three of us commiserate together. For all of us, it's been a learning and bonding experience. And that's definitely a finer thing!

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Jenn @ Beautiful Calling 9:21 PM  

Oh, that is too cute! I actually shared it with my husband who had a little chuckle as well!

Sugar & Spice and Frugal Advice 12:44 AM  

I love it! Those are some smart little cookies! What a great story!

The Household 6 Diva 4:41 AM  

That is just adorable! It reminds me of my sister and I selling flowers at a road side stand. Thank you for sharing your story and bringing back those memories!

Happy Finer Things Friday!

Amy @ Finer Things 11:44 AM  

Oh my goodness, how fun is that! Where are the pics of her products?! Soon she'll be opening her own Etsy shop. :)

Bree 2:04 PM  

Wow smart girls!I am really impressed with the deal to share space and profits knowing they better off working together.

Michele @ Frugal Granola 7:48 PM  

What an awesome young lady you have! :)


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