Monday, November 23, 2009

When Your Father-In-Law Is Santa Claus

For the past 7 years, we've had a most amazing Christmastime tradition. It's unique and special and I am so grateful that our kids are growing up with this tradition.

You see, it's not everyone that gets to claim Santa as a member of their family.

But we do.

Our kids love to say that their grandpa is Santa Claus. They believe he is one of Santa's helpers, filling in for Santa during this busy, busy time of year.

And this past Friday, we headed to downtown Detroit where we watched Grandpa Santa light the city Christmas Tree from our front row seats.

Alex and I were interviewed and there was a 5 second clip of us on the news Friday night. (I'm so excited for Alex but would just rather forget that I was a part of that!)

We watched the ice skaters. We enjoyed the chilly weather. And we ended the night with a dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, where Santa is their favorite VIP.

How could I not be overflowing with gratitude for this awesome experience our children get to be a part of each year?

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The Fifth Street Mama 2:25 AM  

That is so cool! See my dad is Santa as well. My son hasn't clued in yet. So fun! Now just because my dad is Santa doesn't mean I am a spoiled brat :)

Jenny @ The Zepf Life 8:47 AM  

That is very cool! My kids wish we were related to one of Santas helpers! He makes an awesome Santa Clause!

Amy Lynne 8:57 AM  

How neat! What great memories!

Christy 10:59 PM  

This has me wishing we were related to Santa - front row seats and all!

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