Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pepsi Day

We are not a pop drinking family. However, my husband is a semi-occasional Pepsi drinker. About once a month, a 12 pack of Pepsi makes it into our house. And usually that means that each of the kids will have a cup or two of the bubbly stuff before it's gone. Pepsi definitely falls into the treat category for them, and against my better judgment, I'm okay with that.

So when we were in Disney World, pop was an option with every single meal. Of course the kids wanted some. We knew better than that. Not only is a daily pop habit something we don't want to encourage, but for Alex and Olivia, pop drinking equals potty trips every 10 minutes. That wouldn't have been fun for any of us.

Instead of giving in or listening to complaints, we promised the kids a Pepsi day when we got home. Any time they'd ask for some pop, we'd just remind them of our Pepsi day plans. They were so excited about that idea that they didn't care they were drinking the usual water or milk.

This past weekend, we celebrated Pepsi day. So what exactly is Pepsi day? A day when the kids get their fill of Pepsi, of course. Each kid had two Pepsi's throughout the day. They had one can each and as an extra special treat, one glass bottle each. The day turned out great and it definitely worked for us!


Jennifer 9:23 AM  

Sometimes as a treat, we will do Pepsi floats, like root beer floats. The kids think they are in heaven getting Pepsi, and I have it down that 1 can will make 3 floats, so a lot less sugar than a whole can. I bet that saved you a lot of money.

jmberrygirl 3:26 PM  

Sounds nice!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki 7:21 PM  

That is pretty wise! My son recently experienced soda for the first time and hated it. Yay!


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