Monday, November 09, 2009

Decompressing Post Disney World

We went. We walked...and walked...and walked. We rode rides and stuffed ourselves silly. We had a fantastic and memorable time in a whirlwind of activity and perpetual motion. We conquered the magic that is Walt Disney World.

We learned a thing or two from Captain Jack.

We hugged Pooh Bears...

and Princesses.

We pulled swords.

We drove race cars. (Well, one of us did anyhow.)

We marveled at landmarks.

We posed for pictures.

We were sad to leave.

But we are so glad to be home. We are catching our breath, resting our weary legs and decompressing. I am up to eyeballs in laundry, but moving right through it with memories fresh in my mind.

Lots more Disney stuff to come this week!


Amy Lynne 7:19 AM  

Welcome home! Sounds like you guys had a blast!

Amanda from Faith, Food and Family 9:10 AM  

So glad that you had a great trip! Disney World is so much fun!
God bless,

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun 9:17 AM  

Love love love that picture near the end of you and two of the girls. Precious!

Looks like you had a great time.

The Bertone's 11:10 AM  

Glad you had fun! Love the pic's... We live right next door! :)

Kristi 12:22 PM  

I loved this post because it brings back memories from when we went back in March. We went to Crystal Palace for a meal with Winnie The Pooh too.

Jeff Wiedner 1:36 PM  

Great pix! That is one serious face. Obviously not a happy camper. Looks like you had a blast.

The Not So Perfect Housewife 3:30 PM  

So glad you had a good time. It's been a little warmer here the normal, but Disney is fun no matter what the weather is like.

Rest up!

Michele @ Frugal Granola 5:29 PM  

It looks like such a fun trip! :) Your photos brought back memories of when my parents took our family there when I was in grade school. So fun.

Michele :)

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