Sunday, September 20, 2009

Menu Plan Monday ~ Week of 9/21

I am so excited to start this week and get into our new routine. I think we've gotten all the big changes out of our system for now. So we'll use these next few days to transition from newness to normal. I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Last week I mentioned how breakfast and lunch were a big adjustment around here with one child in school. And then the very next day we decided to send another one. I still haven't figured out the breakfast or lunch routine. I think until we get used to everything, and until my body gets used to going to bed before 1 or 2 am and waking up before 7, I'm going to cut us all some slack with breakfast. I'm afraid the big breakfasts I usually love to make might be a thing of the past during the week. I guess that will make our big weekend breakfasts even more special though. And one of these days I'll get the lunch thing figured out and start planning for those again too.


  • M- Mini-wheats and bananas (I found a great sale on these and it's one cold cereal I don't feel too guilty about letting the kids have.)
  • T - Scrambled eggs and toast
  • W - Lemon-blueberry muffins
  • Th - Apple spiced oatmeal
  • F - Lemon-blueberry muffins
  • S - Crepes with mixed berry sauce
  • Su - Waffles or pancakes and bacon (saving half the bacon for dinner)
  • M - Beef burritos, corn and black bean salad
  • T - Beef pot roast with maple sweet potatoes (for the NCBA's It's What For Dinner Wednesday's)
  • W - 3-Bean chili, corn bread
  • Th - TBD - We're going to an open house at school from 7-8, so we'll need something quick before we go. I'm leaning towards soup of some kind and sandwiches, but if it's a warm day I'd like to get in one more cold chicken pasta salad
  • F - Homemade Southwestern egg rolls, broccoli salad
  • S - Date night for Eric and I, hopefully (we've been planning one for a while and it keeps getting pushed back), Tuna noodle casserole for the kids
  • Su - Bacon cheeseburger pizza, cantaloupe
Get your menu planning fix over at Org Junkie's.


Bree 1:12 PM  

Breakfast and lunches are hard when everyone is leaving at different times. Most days I find myself making breakfast for husband and his lunch then breakfast for kids and one school lunch then lunch for the little one at home and something different for me.
Reading this made me realize that I need to simplify my rountine as well.
No wonder I feel I spend half my day or more in the kitchen! I enjoy cooking but maybe I need to put it in check!

Kristen 1:51 PM  

Along with 2 different morning schedules for DH and the kidlet (who started K this year), I have a 3 month old who demands her breakfast at very random times! I make sure we have hot and cold cereals, fruit and cottage cheese and muffins in the freezer all the time. Then I make one "special" thing that can be reheated easily, and eaten until its gone. For instance, this week I made extra waffles on the weekend, and stashed them in the freezer, and then made an apple topping for them. Waffles reheat beautifully in the oven or toaster oven (even microwave, altho they get a little soggy).

Susan 3:41 PM  

is the apple spice oatmeal a recipe you have, or one of the boxed mixes? I love apple spice oatmeal, but hat the expense of the instant boxed variety.

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