Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Working With Dad

Eric and I have always made an effort to include the kids in all of our day to day tasks. We've also made an effort to teach them the value of hard work and a job well-done. It is amazing the self-confidence that is so easily built in the kids when we do this.

Most of the things I have the kids help me with are daily chores that are just part of our life. They still take a great deal of pride in being my helpers, but that just pales in comparison to those times that they help Eric with some job.

This habit was really cemented for Eric a few years ago when he began taking Isabelle with him to work occasionally. What began as a way for the two of them to spend a little one-on-one time quickly turned into a wonderful partnership. Isabelle wasn't happy to just sit and chat while Eric worked. She wanted in on the action too. So Eric gave her a few small responsibilities which she happily tackled, and then begged for more.This little joint venture between the two turned into a wonderful boost for Isabelle's self-esteem. It was a tremendous bonding opportunity for the two of them. And it was a true help for Eric. A few months later, he rewarded her with an Employee of the Month framed certificate and a McDonald's gift card.
As the other kids have gotten older, he's made sure to include them in lots of things as well. Alex loves to go to work with him and he'll even pretend to go to "his job" and get working when Eric leaves for work. Olivia loves going with him, although she's more prone to imitate me by pretending to go Krogering while Alex works.

This week Eric had to change the brakes on our minivan. So he worked out a plan with Alex and Olivia so that they'd each get a turn to help him. And even Gracie wanted in on the action.

The kids were a great help for Eric and their faces beamed with their accomplishments.

Alex and Olivia each worked with Eric on one side of the van and Gracie helped him drive around the sub to test out the new brakes.

Having a houseful of proud and happy little helpers definitely works for us!

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BOWquet 11:10 PM  

you have such a sweet family! And the kids are beautiful!!

Amy Lynne 8:42 AM  

What a good daddy!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki 1:35 PM  

Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I really think kids DO become a lot more independent and self-confident when they are allowed to help out around the house.


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The Mangerchine's 4:30 PM  

I love it!


Jennifer 5:13 PM  

This is true in our family, too. The boys do yard work with their daddy. They work hard and enjoy it because it is time with him.

Kara 12:38 PM  

Absolutely true here too. The kids are good about helping me also, but they just JUMP at the chance to help Dad with anything they can! It is a joy to see them so eager and to watch him bringing them alongside him. Your family is precious!

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