Thursday, August 20, 2009

Slip-N-Sliding On A Wednesday Afternoon

Sometimes Eric's work schedule makes planning "normal" things a little difficult. But for the most part, we all love his schedule. We love that most days, he is able to be home with us all day. This means we can pull out the slip-n-slide during the middle of the week and spend a few hours playing together as a family.

A flexible work schedule that allows for some really great family time is definitely a finer thing! (Almost as fine a thing as watching dad take his turn on the slip-n-slide too!)

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Pam @ This Humble House 10:04 PM sweet! Great photos!

Amanda @ Serenity Now 10:40 PM  

Sweet photos! You can't beat simple, inexpensive, old-fashioned fun!! ;) Visiting from Julia's party. :)

Amanda from Faith, Food and Family 11:03 PM  

Looks like fun!!
God bless,

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama 3:22 PM  

That certainly does sound like a finer thing!!

Sherry 4:55 PM  

What fun! I haven't done slip and slide in forever!! Great pics!

Lara Harris 1:58 PM  

I always wanted one of those but along with not getting to go to Disney World, the excuse given was always 'we have a cottage on a lake'.

Amy @ Finer Things 7:53 PM  

Wheeee! So much fun. My parents bought a double slip n slide this year so the grandkids could have races. :)

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