Thursday, August 20, 2009

Peace...on the Lake

This is my first time participating in Beth's You Capture series. I've been loving my camera lately though, so I figured it was time. Plus, this week's theme is Peace and I caught my share of peace during our mini-vacation at my brother-in-laws over the weekend.
Stop by I Should Be Folding Laundry to see the peaceful pictures captured this week.


Anonymous,  11:57 AM  

That first one looks like a great place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee and start the day. Hope your mini-vacation was a good one.

Shelly 12:06 PM  

very peaceful. Great captures!

Mendie 12:22 PM  

Oh that does look peaceful! Welcome to You capture...I've only been doing it a few weeks and love trying to think of what I'll take for the next one! Let's you look at things differently!

Under the Florida Sun 12:31 PM  

Kate - what great shots!! You got some beautiful pictures there!

Stacie's Madness 1:48 PM  

yes! very peaceful...i found myself sighing at each picture!

april 9:53 PM  

I spent every summer at a lake near me and I've always thought it was such a peaceful place. Excellent job!

Beth at 11:20 PM  

I would feel peace there too! Love the water shot!

Life with Kaishon 2:01 PM  

I really, really love your pictures. Especially the trees and the leaves blowing in the wind. So pretty. I can almost hear the rustle : )

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