Thursday, August 06, 2009

Little Love Notes

This morning the younger girls were looking through my jewelry box. As I was helping them put things back into the box, I noticed a little slip of paper. I didn't have to open it to know what it said. I didn't have to read the words to feel a smile spread across my lips. I didn't have to see the handwriting to feel speed up a little bit.

It was just a small little love letter from Eric, back from the early days of our marriage.

When we were dating and first married, before Alex was born, we worked in the same office together. Fortunately for us, we are one of those sappy couples who just can't get enough of each other. (Usually. Trust me, we absolutely have our moments!) So working together was wonderful for us.

Every so often, one of us would drop a little note on the other's desk. It was infrequent enough that each time felt special, but often enough that it was never a surprise.

I had about 20 notes that I had kept. Over the years they've been misplaced or mistakenly thrown away. I'm down to just this one note now. But what a powerful note it is! I really need to put this somewhere safe so that it doesn't befall the same fate as the others. But then I wouldn't come across it at random times, would I?

Eric and I still leave each other little notes sometimes. Before the kids and I went to Chicago in June, I ran back into the house while Eric buckled the kids up so that I could write him a quick note. He tends to be more high tech and sends me text messages or programs little reminders in my phone. I hope this is one habit that we carry on until we're too old to write anymore.

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Carrie 9:16 PM  

That is so sweet! I am away right now, visiting with my parents. My hubby is by himself at home and so I think I will send him a message right now!

Elizabeth 9:47 PM  

How sweet! It just proves that it doesn't take much time or money to show someone else how much we love them.

Porch Days 10:09 PM  

Thanks for sharing that story. When my hubby traveled I used to put a note in his shaving bag and he would leave a note under my pillow.

Becky K. 10:38 PM  

Love it!

One of the easiest but most often forgotten things in a marriage. Those little moments and written notes.

Thanks for the reminder.

Have a great weekend.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Cristin 11:36 PM  

How sweet! Darling blog.


Anonymous,  9:03 AM  

What a great post! It's awesome that not not only did you start out leaving notes, but that you're still leaving them.

Sharon 9:14 AM  

I LOVE love notes. My hubby will do this too and it make my heart go pitter patter.

Maybe you should frame it and put it on your dresser? It would be a great testimony to your kids about their parents!

Amy Lynne 9:34 AM  

Too sweet! My hubby leaves me notes to find when I wake up in the morning sometimes. I put one on my bathroom mirror and one is taped to the inside of the kitchen cabinet door, so I can see them everyday!

Christina 11:26 AM  

We're one of those sappy couples who can't get enough of each other too...and we frequently (but not too frequently) resort to leaving little notes in various forms too. It's fun to read about you two doing the same type of thing.

Kelli 12:12 PM  


Fifi Flowers 5:09 PM  

How SWEET! I just read son's love letter from little girlfriend (yes he knows I read it)... ugh... it's NOT cute... le sigh!
ENJOY your weekend!

Amanda from Faith, Food and Family 10:47 PM  

That is just so sweet!
God bless,

Amy @ Finer Things 10:36 PM  

We used to do that. We SHOULD still do that... maybe I'll rekindle the tradition as school starts.

Sandi 1:35 AM  

That's adorable. I still have all the little notes my husband has written me (married three years) in a box. I like to put little notes in with his lunch sometimes, and he still brings me flowers for no reason.

Melissa from the Blue House 6:35 PM  

So sweet! I was going to suggest framing it and someone beat me to it. :)

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