Monday, August 31, 2009

Changing of the Chore Guard

We have been making some changes in our chore routine lately. Basically, that means that all of the kids are moving up to the next level of chores. It's a big project to tackle.

Although actually, the kids are thrilled to be moving up in the world. But for me, it means remembering patience and letting go of needing things to be done just-this-certain-way. That will come in time, I know.

Alex has been especially excited with his new chores. He is now in charge of taking all recycling items out to the recycling bin and loading the dishwasher after I rinse dishes. He is very proud of these new chores and he's definitely taken ownership of them.

I love seeing the sense of pride and accomplishment in his face as he works. I am so grateful he is excited to be getting the new responsibilities that come with being 5.

The girls are taking to their new chores just as well, although the progress there is a little slower. But that's only because I'm dragging my feet. I'm definitely using Alex's reactions as motivation to step things up a bit. I'd be crazy not to!

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Katrina 5:46 AM  

Now that is fantastic to see. I know that is where I slipped up I should have had mine doing chores from as soon as they could walk. Though I will say at least both of them are quite good cooks and will most times do their own baking for school lunches etc.

Amy Lynne 6:51 AM  

Good luck, sounds like you have great helpers!

Susie 1:00 PM  

That's an awesome tackle!! They are learning really important life skills and you get a clean house:-) Brilliance:-)

Penny Penguin 1:46 PM  

How wonderful! I am really looking forward to when my 10 month old can start helping!

Christina 5:03 PM  

I love those photos of your son eagerly helping you!

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