Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Frugality Is Not A Fad

I grew up surrounded by frugality. Both sets of my grandparents were frugal. My parents carried on that tradition, and although they never needed to, they washed and reused tin foil, plastic bags, plastic containers and countless other things. I learned early and I learned well. And I am proud of that heritage!

So last week, I was not surprised when I told my dad I wanted to go to the store to buy coffee for the hotel at BlogHer and he presented me with this instead.
Yep, that is a reused sour cream container filled with coffee, in a reused plastic bag.

That cemented my frugal heritage for me. I'm not doing anything special or unique that those before me haven't been doing for years. I love carrying on that tradition.

What frugal traditions have you carried on from your parents?

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creative gal 9:02 PM  

I have always seen my parents be "frugal" and I work to do that as well. . . It's a good practice! :o)

Sarah 9:05 PM  

I am so impressed that you see your frugality as a heritage to be proud of. I must admit I sometimes feel burdened by trying to be a frugal person. My parents are not frugal so I did not grow up that way. i have been learning as I go.

Mary Ann 12:21 PM  

My parents are frugal yet not as much as they used to be. So I've learned a lot of my frugal ways from them as well as just the heritage of frugal folks in my family! My dad laughs about how much I take after his mother in the area of resourcefulness and frugality, then he says in all seriousness that I need to take it as a high compliment! I do.:-)

Anonymous,  7:34 PM  

My dear mother was a living sample of being frugal out of necessity, and she really mostly taught me frugality by her sample. I don't remember her talking to me about it (not that there would have been anything wrong with that); but I understood as a little girl that if she needed something, if she couldn't afford it new (and for "couldn't afford it", read "didn't have the CASH for it that wasn't needed for primary expenses, like house payment, utilities, and food"), she bought it used; and if she couldn't afford it used, she waited.
From her example, I have had a strong aversion to ever being in debt. I'm so thankful for that, and thank God for what a wonderful mother she was in many other ways, too. I see so much of her in me!

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