Thursday, July 02, 2009

From Writing...To Blogging...To Photographing?

I never imagined I would fall in love with a camera and seeing the world through lens. But it's happened. And I'm a goner!I've been writing my whole life. It's always been my passion - from the sappy, sentimental poems of my young years, to the moody, angst-filled poems of my teenage years, to college research papers and creative writing classes. I loved the idea of some day being an actual writer. It was my art form. I couldn't draw to save my life, but I could write. And so I wrote.

Then time got away from me. Writing fell to the wayside as I became a wife and mom and got busy with the stuff of life.Then blogging entered the picture. My love of writing was reborn. I got to practice my "art" on a daily basis. And as blogging goes, I quickly learned the value of including photos in my posts. So I started taking pictures more frequently.Then I started a food blog and entered a whole new realm of photography. (Taking appetizing pictures of food is not easy folks, trust me on this. For every 1 picture I post, there are probably about 50 others that get trashed.) It was about that time that I realized I was smitten with this picture taking thing. At the same time, I also began to appreciate the artistic side of taking pictures.
I began experimenting and playing around with the settings on my camera. I began toying with different angles and seeking out certain types of lighting. And all at once, I was lost to that world within my lens.
The learning curve with photography is a steep one. There is so much to learn. I'm solely self-taught, which I'm sure explains many of the flaws you see in my pictures. But just like writing, I now practice every day. And we all know where practice leads.

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Sue 11:09 PM  

I have really felt like I want to get better at my picture taking lately too Kate. I need to take a photography course. Maybe one day I'll splurge and get an SLR. I hear they are amazing, even for amateurs like me ;-)

Your pics were fabulous. I really enjoyed the shadow one and those white flowers were gorgeous! Keep snapping away, my friend! Can't wait to see more from your creative lens!

Chris 11:36 PM  


I have also found a terrific release for pent up creative impulses in writing and photography.

I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated what you've written here -- and I think your pictures are looking great.

Porch Days 11:52 PM  

You are doing very well with your photographs. Isn't digital great? We can afford to trash the 50 pictures that didn't work!

Kim 1:08 AM  

FYI...If you want to take a great photograph class at a great price, take "Oh, Shoot!" from Candice Stringham. I took her class this Spring. I learned so much. (It's found on Jessica teaches the digital/photoshop classes.

used cars lake view 11:15 AM  

Taking pictures is very addictive. Thankfully with digital cameras just taking pictures won't be so expensive anymore!

Wayne 1:35 PM  

I really like the picture with the house/barn in it, I like the faded affect

Amy @ Finer Things 2:22 PM  

Impressive! I always shoot on "auto." Hmmm, maybe I should open my manual and see what else I could try!

JanMary 4:18 PM  

I agree totally - my photography has grown along with my blogging.

My interest in both came from me falling for digital scrapbooking.

Now the 3 go hand-in-hand and I am a happy bunny :)

Really Rainey 5:02 PM  

Beautiful post... Awesome photos! Have a wonderful weekend!
~Really Rainey~

Sarah 7:32 PM  

Ok this was really well written! I love the barn picture and the lake picture. What talent you have Miss Kate!

Shalet 8:44 PM  

The world is definitely different through a lens. Enjoy your photographic journey!

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) 7:02 PM  

HEY! ditto.. except for the part where I didn't ever think i was a writer.. :) but I'm all over the camera now.. oh how I wish for a grown up real slr!! :)

Valerie 12:28 PM  

My story too. Writer to blogger to photographer. I too am self-taught and enjoying the journey and the improvement too. I'm going to follow your progress. Way to go, Girl.

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