Monday, June 29, 2009

Ink On Skin...Oh Joy!

We were getting out of the car on Saturday and I froze in my tracks when I helped Alex get out. I was staring down this horror -
And I wonder where all my pens go. I guess next time I should look in Alex's car cubby!

We got in the house and let the cleaning commence. Well, to be accurate, Eric commenced with the cleaning. He tackled this mess with a sponge, body and loads and loads of elbow grease. I did do my part though. I tackled the before-bath pictures. I'm sure Eric will agree that that job was as equally important as his.

I am so grateful my son is not shy about showing off his creativity, although maybe next time he'll stick with paper. I'm grateful my husband jumps right in with the tough duty of keeping this kid clean. And I'm grateful I've uncovered the hiding spot of all our pens!

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Elizabeth 12:31 AM  

LOL! too funny! Be thankful it wasn't a permanent marker your son got ahold of to do his "art work" with!

Sarah 1:05 AM  

Wow! He really went to town on that masterpiece!

Amy Lynne 7:50 AM  

I've see this my house... my boys loved to write on themselves and each other when they were smaller. It is funny and frustrating at the same time, but kids will be kids and thank goodness soap works!

Carrie 10:51 AM  

Haha your picture made me laugh almost as much as the post itself! You cracked me up!

Meghan 3:58 PM  

You've just given me a glimpse into my near future with my soon to be 3 yo. Oiy!

Michele @ Frugal Granola 3:59 PM  

Oh no! :) Oops. We've had some "body art" at our house, too. :)

Under the Florida Sun 5:03 PM  

Oh my! Creative is a good word.
LOL. I can only imagine what your face looked like...

It's great that you have pictures though!! Great memories!

Sue 4:08 PM  

Oh my goodness... now I'm really glad I got the pen out of Little Miss "H"'s hand this morning - lol

Did it come off?

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