Monday, June 08, 2009

I'm Kind Of Proud Of Myself

I managed to tackle a project today that I've never fully tackled in one day before. So I'm a little giddy with pride. I'll admit, this is a little pitiful. But it's true.

So what exactly is this project I tackled? It sure sounds like something huge and important, doesn't it? Well, as disappointing as this may be, the project I tackled was getting us 100% completely unpacked from our trip to Chicago.

We always seem to come home with so much more than we left with, and we usually leave with a lot. This time was no exception, especially since we had Olivia's birthday presents from my family to bring home as well. And unpacking is always such a difficult chore compared to packing. Plus, to be honest, it's a whole lot easier to put off unpacking. We're not leaving in a few days so that sense of urgency is gone. There have been times when it has taken me over a week to get completely unpacked.

See why I'm feeling such pride?
Here is what I started with. A few things were unpacked as soon as we got home Sunday, so this is what was left this morning. And as you can see, I probably could have starting unpacking sooner since the kids had to dig into the suitcases to find things.
About halfway through the process, I had most of the clothes sorted. There was only a small laundry pile (thanks mom!) and stacks of clean clothes to put away for everyone. I found new homes for all of Olivia's presents and the other small odds and ends that made their way into our house. The suitcases and cooler are even put away in the attic already.

So this is what accomplishment feels like, huh? It sure does feel good!

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Lora 12:12 AM  

That is an accomplishment! I HATE unpacking almost as much as packing-ha! But I LOVE the feeling I get after it's all over:)

Christina 1:06 AM  

That is Impressive with a capital "I". Really. I only have three people to unpack for, and it usually is spread over a couple of weeks. I think I'll work on imitating you when we come back from our trip.

Sarah 1:25 AM  

Ok I am totally proud of you too! It takes me forever to unpack. It is just a very procrastinatable chore.

Kristi 9:13 AM  

That is a great tackle. Blessings to you!

Sonshine 10:36 AM  

great job!

When we go to visit my MIL she lets us do laundry at her house so we come back with more clean than dirty. It does save alot of time unpacking by having the clean clothes. :)

Susie 12:26 PM  

Awesome tackle!!

Muthering Heights 9:03 PM  

*Whew,* that's quite an accomplishment!

BarbaraLee 9:05 PM  

You do know that most of that could have been done if we had a nanny, cook & housekeeper while you tackle that project. No one to bother you. Life little pleasures.

Sue 3:33 PM  

You are my hero!! Way to go. I'll totally celebrate with you on that. I think you even beat me & I got home a full day before you ;-)

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