Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saving Mega Dollars with Megabus

On Sunday, the kids and I are heading to Chicago to spend the week with my family. We'll be busy with trips to the zoo, museums, movies and lots of cousin playtime. While we are gone, Eric will be home by his lonesome, working hard and trying to keep from going crazy with all the quiet.

That following Saturday, we are having a big birthday party for Olivia's 4th birthday. Since Olivia, Alex and Isabelle all have summer birthdays, we tend to rotate who has a party with my family every year. So this year it's Olivia's turn.

Eric really didn't want to miss her party. We talked about it and decided it would be nice for him to be there. I also admitted that it would be nice for us all to drive home together. It seemed extravagant, but could we find a way to make it work?

Absolutely, and frugally too!

Our solution? Megabus. Have you heard of this service? They're not all over the country right now, but they do service many cities.

Eric reserved a ticket on the Megabus, from Ann Arbor to Chicago for just $15. Seriously - $15! He couldn't even drive half the way to Chicago for that price. And if he had reserved earlier, he could have gotten a ticket for just $5.

Megabus states that their fares start at just $1 and the price goes up as seats fill up. What a frugal travel option!

Here are a few of the routes Megabus offers and the cost for a round trip ticket:

  • Boston to New York - $20
  • Cinncinati to Indianapolis - $24
  • Chicago to Minneapolis - $30
If you have any travel plans coming up and you don't mind riding the bus, Megabus is definitely worth looking into.

**Please note: I was not paid for this review and I am in no way affiliated with Megabus. I just thought this was a fantastic program and I had to share with all my fellow frugal friends.

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Sue 10:33 PM  

How cool is that! You are the Queen of Dealies man! What a great way for you guys to go home together!!

What area of Chicago is your family in? My new step-mom is from Chicago area. One of my new "step-sisters" lives in St. Charles and the other one is north somewhere of the City (can never remember the name). My hubby did business in Naperville and I went with him twice on that trip.

Have a great time and drive safely! Hope Olivia enjoys her party ;-)

Will you have internet while you're away?


Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free 11:51 PM  

I don't know that could handle being on a bus--but boy are those fares tempting! Definitely something worth checking into.

UKZoe 6:33 AM  

There's a similar service over here but I think it only does a couple of routes, and doesn't come to our town.

We have a new rail company though, that runs from our county to London, and if we book ahead we can go for just £10 each way. The main rail companies charge something like £50 each way for that journey

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