Sunday, May 03, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 5/4

Our schedule is going to be really off the early part of this week. Eric needs to leave the house at 3am every morning and he'll get home at some point in the morning. Then he'll need to nap for quite a while before his regular work hours every evening. I am going to try to have the kids out of the house as much as possible so that he can sleep in peace. It should be an interesting week.

Because of our schedule, I'm not planning any lunches for this week. I'm also trying to come up with some new lunch plans for us. For whatever reason, lunch is always the one thing I struggle with the most. I'd like to keep lunch prep time to less than 15 minutes. I would love any suggestions if you have any.



  • M - Baked mostacolli, zucchini & tomatoes
  • T - Carnitas tacos, refried beans
  • W - Chicken confit and asparagus with pasta rags
  • Th - Sausage & white bean ragout over cornbread
  • F - TBD
  • S - Chicken strudel with cherry sauce (carry over from last week), garlic mashed potatoes, oven roasted green beans
  • Su - Something small. We are going out for a late Mother's Day lunch after church.

You can find over 400 more menu plans over at I'm An Organizing Junkie.


Sue 10:15 PM  

You are so organized! I only have me & hubby to cook for and I still can't get a meal plan together - ha ha

Have a good, albeit "different" week being out of the house! Have fun :-)

Michele @ Frugal Granola 10:23 PM  

I always find planning lunches to be a challenge, too.

Good luck this week!

Algebra Teacher 11:09 PM  

We tend to have leftovers for our lunches. We also buy frozen burritos because it is an easy grab and go meal for not very much. We each have a microwave at work.

I send lots of frest veggies and fruits with my little one to preschool if he wants to take lunch. We also make our own pb&j sandwich pockets. He loves those.

Michelle 11:59 PM  

My 6yo loves when I make "homemade lunchables". I send a variety of different crackers, cheeses and sliced meats, salami, etc. Then fresh fruit and veggies. The combinations are pretty endless and it's easy.

He also loves homemade hummus. I don't care for tahini so I omit, but I do love to add sundried tomatoes. We make our own garlicky pita chips and YUM!

Good luck!

Jennifer 9:43 AM  

Lunch is an area I struggle with too. I tend to rotate between PB&J, hotdogs and mac n cheese. I get tired of making those things so I know the kids get tired of eating them.

Sonshine 10:33 AM  

I rotate through several types of lunches. There is sandwiches, leftovers, and something hot like soup or pizza.

For those days that you need to be out of the house for Eric to sleep...think about doing up a picnic lunch for the kids. :)

Polish Mom 5:12 PM  

Hello American Mom :) I'm writing from Poland. I've been searching for blogs about family life and here is Your's - great! I've just found it interesting to compare our efforts with briging up kids - in your place and mine. And what I think - whereever Moms live - they always have the same problems! If you feel like visiting us - feel very welcomed: I write there in Polish but if you leave me a comment - I will write back in English of course :) Stay happy and cheerful - Mag.

Sarah 6:43 PM  

Ok I must know what is a Miga?

Sarah 6:44 PM  

Oh and what is mostacolli?

Sherry 8:52 PM  

I am just popping in to see if you like any lunch Ideas I wanted to share:
1)Fruit wraps -(take whatever fruit you have I love Strawberries, grapes, and apples) put some itailian, or vinagrette dressing and mix, put it in a tortilla soft shell and you have a fruit wrap (I also like to throw ham or turkey in with it) so u have meat, fruits and a bread item.
2)Apple wraps- on a tortilla soft shell spread pnut butter, and chopped apples.
3)Dippable lunch- put all your fav veggies (cherry tom, broccoli, acrrots, zuccini ect..) sliced sausage, cheese and bread and let your kids dip in pizza sauce (this will be a huge hit!)
4)Salad in a pita pocket - just make salad and toss with your fav dressing, throw in a pita pocket, serve w some pretzels.
5)Mini Pizza- take pita or italian bread, top with pizza or marinara sauce and your fav pizza ingredients broil for a few mins. I hope this helps you.

Gretchen 12:05 AM  

I do freezer cooking a lot (like I have seen you do) so I make chicken nuggets, English muffin pizzas, chicken empanadas and freeze those. They only take 15 minutes to bake or less and then I just do applesauce or an apple or possibly carrot sticks to go with that. We also do left overs if we have any. If I get desperate - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. If we have lunch meat, I will do just lunch meat, cheese, crackers and apples. I hope that helps a little.

Anonymous,  11:39 PM  

I am behind in my blog-hopping but wanted to leave you a quick comment on your husband needing a nap every day. My husband works swing shift so he often has to sleep late or take a nap. What we've done to make this family friendly is 1) tape aluminum foil to the windows to block out the sun and 2) We run a box fan on medium speed and set it between him and the door. We have 5 children and he says he never hears anything from us and believe me we are NOT quiet despite my best efforts! The fan works so well I don't even stress about whether he is getting a good sleep...Hope this helps!

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