Thursday, May 21, 2009

Letters To Dad

As I've mentioned before, Eric was very busy - working both days and nights - the last two weeks. This meant he didn't get to spend very much time with the kids at all. Now, these kids are all huge fans of their dad and their favorite thing in the world is spending time with him. So they were missing him big time.

There were two days over that time period when the youngest three came to me to help them write letters to their Dada. They dictated what they wanted to say and I wrote it down on their papers for them. Then we folded them up together and they put their letters on Eric's pillow.

Eric has been carrying these letters with him since he received. However, I asked him to leave one home for me so that I could share it. This is one of Alex's letters -

Dear Dada,

I'm having fun today and I love you so much! I just love you my best friend dada. If you want to come outside with me and drive my truck, you can be my best friend. Because dada, you can play hot wheels with me anytime and fly the airhogs helicopter whenever you want.


Doesn't the love just pour out of every line in that letter? I know that Eric is going to cherish these forever. I am hooked on being a transcriptionist for my children so that they, even the 2 year old, can share their feelings with their dad when work keeps him away from the house for a few days.

These little love letters from the kids to their Dada are such a finer thing!

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Megan 12:22 AM  

Oh, how sweet! I love it when my little ones ask to write letters to someone. We have even mailed a few out.

Sarah 9:56 PM  

Ok this post makes me melt. What a wonderful letter.

Sue 10:49 PM  

Those are so precious! What treasures they are! Thanks for sharing them with us, Kate!

Daly Essentials 12:18 AM  

these are so cute!!

Amy @ Finer Things 10:35 PM  

Definitely a treasure. Hope you have a special place to put those sweet letters!

ImagineCozy 10:59 PM  

What a wonderful idea. I am going to do it with my three year old. She is always asking when daddy will be coming home.

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