Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Somedays I Miss Pen & Paper

Back in pre-blogging days, I used to spend a lot of time sitting down with paper and a pen to write. I'd write anything and everything - lists, letters, notes, ideas, book outlines, basically anything that popped into my head. I felt lost if I didn't have a pen and paper close by.

Nowadays, I feel lost if I'm not in close proximity to a computer, specifically one with internet access. I love all this computer stuff, I really do. (In case you couldn't tell.) But sometimes I miss just rambling on paper.

Part of that reason is that I've always enjoyed the process of longhand writing. I like the flow of ink onto paper. I like seeing words form as my mind and hand work together. And I know it's a little dorky, but I like my own handwriting. I should; I spent years perfecting it.

I spent many hours with my grandma while she taught me the Palmer method. We'd sit at her kitchen table and draw sloping circles for hours. I never did get the hang of that entirely, yet I never lost that feeling that my handwriting could be like my own miniature artwork.

Everything is on the computer now though, from my grocery lists to my ramblings. I gave in a while ago and now have notebooks and a pen with me at the computer desk. I get a bit of both worlds that way. But that doesn't entirely take away my desire to write by hand, especially when I find a wonderful writing pen. Blue ink, fine tip, non-smudging - I could write a post just on my favorite types of pens, but that might be best written in my notebook.


AmyG 10:19 AM  

I love writing with pen & paper, still, but don't find myself doing it often. I have a brother that I write to and use that as an excuse to write, at least once a week. I also make all lists for groceries, chores, ect... with pen & paper.

I'm also a pen addict, I just love pens of all shapes, sizes & colors! lol

Sue 12:04 PM  

I used to write in my journal a whole lot more but somehow I figure I can type faster than I can write and with less pain so for now... typing it is! But I totally get what you're talking about. There is something rather "pure" about pen and paper together ;-)

Anonymous,  8:30 AM  

I was just thinking along these lines late last night (and of course, I blogged about it rather than writing it down in my notebook.) I do passionately love to write with pens, on paper. My hope is that technology will so advance that true handwriting recognition will be achieved, so that we can literally hand-write into our blogs flawlessly, or our word processors, or anywhere else Out There.

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