Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sibling Friendships

One of the coolest parts of parenting my four children has been watching them develop friendships with each other. Sometimes I almost feel privileged for this little glimpse into the private lives of my kids and their forming of relationships with each other.
These bonds that they are building with one another are sure to last throughout their lives. Without even knowing it, they are creating themselves a support system and a safety net that will always be there. It truly is incredible to witness.As Gracie has gotten older, it's been great watching her merge into that fold. She and Olivia have become nearly inseparable. I love watching her look up at Olivia and say "hand, hand." And then Olivia grabs her hand and the two run off together to create some magical world together.

I could repeat stories like this with all the kids and all their various pairings. I'll spare you pages and pages of cute stories about my kids though.

Watching my children play together and create amazing friendships is definitely one of the finer things in life!

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Chris 11:05 PM  

I AGREE! Watching my kids play together is one of my favorite things to do.

Wayne 7:47 AM  

I don't have kids yet but I kan kinda relate in a way, I played american football here in england with a team who bearly knew each other and as the team progressed you could see the bonding and forgeing of friendship.

great photo friday

shopannies 8:49 AM  

is it not great when they enjoy each others company glad all 6 mine r vest friemds

Alex the Girl 11:09 AM  

Perfect pasttime, esp. when they still like each other.

Sue 12:48 PM  

Even though I don't have kids of my own, I know what you mean, Kate! I have been watching the same cool thing with my friend's 4 boys, especially as they all move from the different phases of their small lives (Age 10-2). Different pairings happen over time as the ages change and they go from being home to full-day school.

It really is a very special little glimpse into their lives!

Izzy 'N Emmy 2:10 PM  

I look forward to watching my girls become closer as well. It's a nice warm feeling!

Amy @ Finer Things 2:54 PM  

Nothing sweeter than the sight and sound of your children playing together.

Shellie 12:43 AM  

Hand hand, I LOVE it!

Carrie and Troy Keiser 12:13 PM  

those moments that they like each other are very precious.

JessieLeigh 10:27 AM  

I would be happy to read pages of stories such as these. :) How precious! My two (as you know) are super close in age and they are such good friends, it's beautiful to watch. I'm excited to be adding a new little one to the mix so soon!

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