Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Top Library Books for the Week

In our house, we have a long-standing date with our library every Thursday afternoon. This works for two reasons. First of all, we just love it! Eric and I are thrilled that each of our kids have inherited our love of books. A trip to the library is almost as exciting as a trip to Disney World for them. And secondly, Eric's Thursdays are difficult days that involve running on about 4 hours of sleep. So our library trip coincides nicely with some quiet nap time for him.

Isabelle usually gets as many books as she can carry and the younger three are each allowed 3 books a piece. This is a new regulation. I've started that rule so that we (umm...I) can keep track of all the books without losing track of them and paying late fees.

Here are the top books from this past week's stash:

  1. Yoyo's Animal Friends This was one of Gracie's picks. I liked it because of the simple illustrations and bright colors. Gracie loved it for the same reason and had fun pointing out all of the animals.
  2. Hair For Mama One of Alex's picks. This was a beautiful story! It was so touching and led to some great conversations that I never realized I'd be having with an almost 5 and 4 year old. Isabelle also read this with Alex one night and she really enjoyed it and learned a great lesson.
  3. That Special Little Baby Olivia's favorite choice. What a fun book with beautiful pictures. We had such a blast reading this book together and chanting "and grew...and grew...and grew" together.
  4. A Wrinkle In Time I remember loving this book when I was a child and Isabelle loved it too. She loves stories like this and she really got into this one. I think she read it all in one night.
  5. The World Almanac for Kids 2008 Isabelle is a trivia and random fact buff. This is probably the 10th time she's checked this out from the library. (She also got the 2006 edition too.) She can spend hours poring over these books. I love all the little bits of knowledge she picks up too.
  6. Betty Crocker Cookbook I've devoured this book! I haven't tried any of the recipes, but they all sound great. However, the thing I most enjoyed about this book was all of the useful tips and hints scattered throughout the pages. Good stuff for sure!
Stop by my friend Toni's blog to see what her family, and lots of other families, have been reading this week.


Anonymous,  9:34 AM  

My favorite cookbook is my 1979 Betty Crocker. It is falling apart. LOL

The World Almanac is a great book. We used it this year in school.

Amanda 11:59 AM  

I just picked up a pie cookbook at the library, but have not had a chance to look at it. It never dawned on me until yesterday to look for good cookbooks, take them home, and copy what we really liked.
Have a great day

Anonymous,  2:09 PM  

I remember my elementary teacher reading "A Wrinkle in Time" every day after lunch. One a the few memories I have @ that age!

Amy 4:09 PM  

Ooh.. I bet my 5 yr old would love reading through the kid's world almanac! Great list!

Sherry 6:00 PM  

Ooh, I loved Wrinkle in Time, too. I might see if I can get my dd or ds to read it. :D Love Betty Crocker's cookbook! I got mine when I got married and it has all kinds of stains and pages tearing out. LOL!

The Happy Housewife 1:28 PM  

Hey Kate,
Thanks for linking up! Love your book choices, just reserved the Baby book, we'll see if Faith likes it!

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