Monday, March 02, 2009

Saturday Night Family Sleep-Over

This weekend we tackled something on behalf of the kids. They have been asking (begging, pleading, whining, etc.) us for weeks if they could have a sleepover in the family room. When they asked again just before dinner on Saturday night, my initial response was no.

But then Eric caught my eye and mouthed "why not?" He had a point. Why not? This simple thing was going to give them such joy. Would it really take that much extra effort or cause that many problems? Certainly not.

So we told them they could and their excitement sky-rocketed. They struggled to sit still to eat dinner and dessert while discussing their plans.

As soon as they took their dishes to the kitchen, they started pulling their pillows and blankets out to the family room. Even Gracie, who we had thought would still sleep in her crib in her bedroom, brought out her pillow and blanket. She laid down and covered herself up.

Eric and I looked at each other again, shrugged our shoulders, and headed straight for the bedroom. We carried her crib out to the family room and got her all set up so that she could be part of the sleepover too.

After everyone was in their pajamas, the kids helped Eric pick out a movie and he got that started. We popped them some popcorn. Each of them got their own bowls, including Gracie who got a small bowl of Cap'n Crunch (it looks close enough to popcorn) that was leftover from our Cap'n Crunch chicken dinner.Once everyone was situated with their popcorn and sleeping spots, Eric and I turned off all the lights and retreated to our bedroom to watch a movie ourselves. We heard the kids whispering and taking their bowls into the kitchen when they were done, but otherwise they were as quiet as could be.

We checked on them a few times and they were just enjoying the treat of being on the floor, watching a movie and staying up past bed time. Isabelle is the only one who made it through the movie though.
This is definitely one treat that we'll be repeating again soon.

I am so thankful for my husband, who reminds me that childhood is all about fun. I'm grateful he takes joy in indulging our children and never feels burdened by them. And I'm so grateful our children enjoy being together and know the meaning of finding fun in simple pleasures.

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Anonymous,  11:17 PM  

What a fun memory for the kids. My first reaction is often "no" also but then I need to stop and say "why not?" I'm glad that your kids had a great time.

Sarah 12:04 AM  

How inspiring! What a special memory this sleepover will be. I loved having sleepovers with my sisters when I was young.

CountryMama@The Cozy Country Home 12:08 AM  

We love doing this! We set the Dora treehouse indoor tent up and the kids sleep in there. What fun!

Dreamer 9:50 AM  

How fun! I may have to do this with our kids really soon!

Beth@Not a Bow in Sight 10:11 AM  

That looks like so much fun! We'll have to try it soon. I know my boys would love it!

Under the Florida Sun 10:54 AM  

How cute and how fun!!! Looks like a great time was had!

Mom on the Run 11:00 AM  

Great idea. My kids will bring ut the popup PlayHut tents and set them up in the familyroom for movie watching or a sleepover.

Jen 11:14 AM  

Our children love to do this as well. It is something they talk about for weeks after. We started doing it when it was so cold out and was warmest in the living room. Have a great day.

AmyG 12:38 PM  

What a fun idea!

Lynn 12:43 PM  

Sounds like a lot of fun. Sleepovers are awesome. It was always a good time to do something out of the ordinary as a child.

Simply Sara 1:18 PM  

What a great idea!
I'm definitely going to do this with my kids, when they get a bit older :)

The Party of Five 1:48 PM  

How much fun. I know that our 2 boys would love to do this. We have done the late night movies, but never let them sleep out in the living room. Thanks for sharing.

itsahumanzoo 3:55 PM  

How fun! I tend to say no to things at first, but my husband is much like yours. If it's no harm, why not? Being a kid is definitely about having fun, and as a parent I sometimes forget that. Thanks for sharing?

Susie 4:27 PM  

What a fun tackle!!

cookin4less,  5:27 PM  

Awesome memories...but even better when you join them. We still do this and our two kids left at home are 15 and 20. Every now and then we have game night and stay up all night playing board games, making goodies to munch on and just having a great time together. We also have pj nights where we all don our pjs, play games, sit in front of the fireplace, enjoy appetizers, etc. and then we all sleep in the livingroom. We do this alot during the holidays, especially on cold nights when we can build a fire, have a cup of hot chocolate and watch the lights on the Christmas tree. There's nothing like those kind of memories. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

As a matter of fact we are planning one soon with my kids and grandson, he's so excited.

HappyHermit 8:01 PM  

So Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

The Lazy Organizer 9:56 PM  

It looks like fun!

Sherry 8:38 AM  

What fun! :D A pastor at our church was just talking about doing this with his kids recently and I thought what a fun idea. :D

Kristi 1:30 PM  

the boys have been begging for a sleep over. I may be motivated now to give in. Have a great weekend.

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