Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bella Sara Review

What little girl doesn't love horses? I'll admit, even as an adult I'm captivated by horses and still fantasize about owning a few of my own some day. Horses just seem to have a magical draw, beginning from a very young age, for girls.

Bella Sara captures that magic and wonder with a variety of products - from miniature, velvety horses, to trading cards, to a wonderful interactive web site, the online land of North of North.

Isabelle fell in love instantly with her miniature horses. She loved the velvety texture, the whimsical look and the small size. She also felt the same way about the trading cards. The colors and artwork are perfect for capturing a young girl's attention.

Here is some more information about these products -

Bella Sara Miniatures Series 1 Collection:
  • Bella Sara, the most successful trading card product ever created for girls, features horse-themed fantasy cards that offer positive, inspiration messages.
  • Miniatures introduces a brand-new product line of 20 velvety horses from the land of North of North for you to collect, trade, display and cherish.
  • Miniatures brings a tangible third dimension to the magical horses of Bella Sara that can also be experienced through trading cards and in online and video game worlds.
  • Included in each Miniature pack are one random velvety horse, a random bonus code redeemable online, and a full-color checklist.
  • Suggested Price: $1.99; Age Range: 5+yrs; Available on March 3rd
Bella Sara Treasures:
  • Treasures is the eighth series in the popular Bella Sara line, which has sold more than 55 million cards to date.
  • Treasures brings a new element to BellaSara.com with more printable activities including bonus codes, coloring pages, wallpapers, a poster and jigsaw puzzles.
  • This series features rare jewels, amazing natural wonders, historical artifacts and fantastic magical items, to explore and cherish.
  • Starting Feb. 27th - April 30th, the website is giving fans a chance to win an exciting Treasure Hunt Party of their very own.
  • Suggested Price: $2.99; Age Range: 5+yrs: Available on March 3rd.
Personally, I think this is a fabulous line for girls. I appreciate the size of the horses (something small that can be treasured in a cherished spot, not taking up precious space) and the price. Finding a quality product at such a reasonable price is rare, but when you add in the wholesomeness of the horses, cards, and online world, the entire package is just extraordinary.

Isabelle has spent quite a few hours enjoying the online Bella Sara world of North of North and she has had so much fun. In fact, she even said that it is better then Webkinz. Now that is really high praise from her! She loves how each of the horses and trading cards have special codes that she can use to redeem neat gifts in North of North too. (And I love that there is a parent control panel where I can set the play settings however I choose.)

Bella Sara is one hobby that will be encouraged in our house.


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting 10:20 PM  

My daughter is OBSESSED with these!!!

Jennifer 12:42 PM  

My daughter likes Bella Sara too.

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