Friday, March 27, 2009

Rabbit Trails and Degrees of Separation

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I have this little routine every night that kind of annoys me, yet I'm somehow powerless to stop it. Once I get the kids in bed, my plan is always to head for my computer in our bedroom and get started on blogging stuff.

But the house is quiet and there is nothing that must be done right that second - no child asking me for something or laundry waiting to be folded. Invariably, I think of something that I want to look up on the computer. So I'll stand in front of the laptop, look up what I wanted, and then it begins...I hit a rabbit trail.

I see an interesting link, so I click through. Usually I'm looking at blogs and we all know what a plethora of interesting links that is. So I click another link. And on and on until I realize I've been standing in the kitchen for an hour.

I've tried just walking straight to my bedroom, but it's like there is a magnet on the laptop and I just get pulled into it. Please tell me I am not the only one this happens to.

These rabbit trails have taught me something though. The blogosphere is a very inter-connected place. And we all like to link to each other whenever we can.

Well, why not have a little fun with that fact, six degrees of separation style? Go to your favorite bigger-named blog and see how many clicks it takes for you to get back to your own blog. And have fun heading down some rabbit trails of your own. Then come back here and let me know how many degrees of separation you are from your favorite.


Sarah 12:13 AM  

Oh! Fun! I will attempt this tomorrow at quiet time.

Elizabeth 7:55 AM  

A fun idea! When I have time, I will :)

Angie 1:14 AM  

Hey -- I don't need any excuse to go wasting time in front of the computer. LOL

I do the same thing you do and think that I'll work on my blog, but then I just click around. Mostly, like you, I check out other blogs (in my Reader), but always end up all kinds of places.

So, in the interest of my time, I'll cheat because Simple Mom is one of my favorite big name bloggers. And, I can find an article I guest wrote (with a link to my blog, of course) for her website. ;) How's that for being a big cheater?

Leslie 9:38 PM  

I do the exact same thing. I usually get online to check email, then I will work on my blog and before I know it I have spent two hours just looking around. Sometimes I think I need a lock on my laptop!

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