Monday, March 23, 2009

Bedroom Re-Do, Just In Time For Spring

Every so often, Eric and I get the urge to move furniture around. (Is it just a small house thing, or does everyone get this way?) So yesterday we made a spur-of the-moment decision to rearrange our bedroom.

Eric did all of the heavy work and got all of the furniture situated in new spots. Then once the kids were in bed, he and I tackled cleaning things up and getting the room back in shape.

I don't have any before pictures (like I said, this was literally a split-second decision), but we basically reversed the room. Our bed was between the windows and the dresser and desk were on the other wall.
I really like the fresh perspective. It makes the room feel fresh and new, even though nothing much has changed.Isabelle is excited to have her desk by the window now. I think it will be great for her to have the window open while doing her school work as the weather gets warmer.Now I'm going to embarrass myself a little bit. I'm kind of excited about this little corner on my side of the bed that Eric and I have affectionately dubbed "the grandma corner." Swap the telescope for a rocking chair and I'd be all set!
The best side effect of rearranging is definitely the cleaning and organizing that get done as a result. I've been saying for weeks that I need to get my desk under control. Well thankfully, that finally happened and everything is all nice and organized. (I won't mention that box shoved full of random papers under my desk though.)Little projects like this make me feel grateful - grateful for the pride and sense of accomplishment, grateful that a little thing can make us so happy, grateful that my husband enjoys this whole process as much as I do, and grateful that we are always finding new ways to keep our home feeling fresh when all we really want to do is move.

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Christina 11:57 PM  

To tell you the truth, I'm not really into major rearranging. But I've had this itchy spring fever desire to change our room around too. ; ) Maybe you've inspired me to go through with it. Your room looks lovely.

Mommy 12:25 AM  

Oh, I get that way at least once a year, LOL! But my hubby likes things to be "steady", and doesn't really get why I like to move things around so much. ;-)

Your room looks fabulous, and great job on the desk. Now....I need to clean mine off!

Casey 1:29 AM  

WOW, your room looks so organized! I have recently thought about rearranging our room but then I have no idea what I would do so I never do it. This may give me inspiration! Happy Tuesday to you!

Sarah 1:51 AM  

Rearranging my bedroom is impossible but I love to rearrange my livingroom.

I love the desk by the window.

It Feels Like Chaos 8:38 AM  

I love that your redo didn't cost any money and yet produced something you guys are enjoying! Inspires me to rearrange/clean/organize some area of our home!

Christy@MercyEveryMorning 9:10 AM  

We have a small house and rearrange periodically, too. It feels so gooood to know things are clean and organized...sometimes when I get in a grouchy mood, I really just need to rearrange things! :) LOL! Your room looks great!

Rona's Home Page 9:34 AM  

We used to have our computer desk in our bedroom, at our first home. I would like to get a table or armoire to put the TV in. Thank goodness there's lots of furniture sales going on in our area.

Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free 9:51 AM  

Oh man--I'm constantly rearranging. Thankfully my husband doesn't mind, too much anyway!

I, too, love the new perspective and the cleaning that comes as a result.

Great re-do!!

FromThe Creek 10:29 AM  

We are in the process of doing the Spring re-do as well...great tackle!

Jennifer 11:14 AM  

I've loved rearranging since I was a teenager. I'd stay up all night and rearrange my room when I was younger. And for years after being married, I was a regular rearranger! We have a small house, and the furniture we have now, unfortunately, doesn't allow for me to move it around. There are just no other options of where to move it, and it kind of drives me crazy! I love having that fresh feeling of changing things up. I miss it. Great tackle for you...I be it feels good! I love how moving things around gets things clean you may have overlooked least that's what would happen to me!

Joelle 11:46 AM  

I wanted to rearrange our living room but DH didn't like the sketch I came up with, so I didn't bother. Actually, what triggered that was we bought a keyboard and had to find a place to put it. We ended up moving a table to another corner and moving the couch over and everything fit fine.
I've thought about rearranging our bedroom, too, but alas, he didn't like my idea either... lol. At least we're moving in the next few months.

Anonymous,  1:05 PM  

I try not to do a lot of rearranging, but I have to admit that I love the new perspective that comes when a few pieces of furniture are moved around. Right now I'm contemplating ways of rearranging my living room.

Jen 3:51 PM  

I love to rearrange our rooms. One time while my Husband was working 2nd shift I thought our living room needed to be rearranged. But I forgot to tell my husband about it and he came home during the middle of the night and sat on the floor. LOL! He wasn't injured at all. I have not done that since.

Our Family 5:25 PM  

I love to rearrange furniture as well. It definitely is nice to be able to get a new feeling w/o spending any money! After reading your post it makes me want to go and start moving furniture myself. Unfortunately I am going in for back surgery in the morning so that is not possible. I guess my days of moving furniture by myself are over. ! :)

~Sara 11:37 PM  

I love rearranging furniture. I do it all the time. Since I am at home all the time, every couple months I move things around. I like looking at something new!

James, Andrea, & Clara Smith 2:05 PM  

I don't know. It might be a small house thing. We have a tiny apartment and it almost seems NECESSARY to change it every once in a while. Sometimes we find a much better use for space that way, other times it is just as good (just fresher) than we had before.

I like the fresh look of your bedroom though. It does look nice and I do like your Granny Corner.

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