Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Veggie Tales - Abe And The Amazing Promise

My children really enjoy two things - singing/listening to music and watching movies. Veggie Tales always provides a wonderful way for them to combine the two. And the newest Veggie Tales movie, Abe and the Amazing Promise, carries on with that fine tradition.

Abe and the Amazing Promise
is scheduled to be released in stores beginning on February 7th. Thanks to Family Review Network, we had the opportunity to watch an advance copy, and I can't even begin to tell you how excited my kids were when we received that package. The begging begin instantaneously!
As a mom with kids varying in ages from 9 to almost 2, I really appreciate that they can all watch this movie together and equally enjoy it. Abe and the Amazing Promise had all of their rapt attention right from the start. They laughed, they sang, they danced, but most importantly, they learned!

They learned, along with Bob the Tomato, the importance of patience via the story of Abraham and Sarah. Even my 3 year old was able to tell me why patience is important after watching the movie. I was thrilled when she used an example from the movie, patiently waiting for cookies, to explain the principle. An important biblical and moral lesson presented in a fun and engaging way - what could be better?

The DVD also includes a wonderful new silly song - "Sneeze If You Need To." This song was a huge hit in our house. I know this because it is sung about 400 times a day by my kids. And surprisingly, I am not tired of it yet.

You can see the trailer of the movie (and lots of other fun stuff) here.


Under the Florida Sun 10:05 PM  

My girls used to LOVE Veggie Tales! That's great that you got to get a sneak preview.
Your girls look soo cute all cuddled up on the couch!!

Michele @ Frugal Granola 10:22 PM  

Veggie Tales is a favorite in our house, too! I didn't know there was going to be a new one.

Hope you have a good trip this week!


Lora 10:29 PM  

We all love Veggie Tales at our house!! Can't wait to see this one, too!

Margot 10:35 PM  

Love the picture of the girls. We loved this movie too.

Homesteader in Training 6:29 AM  

Ahh Veggie Tales. Oh how I, I mean we love thee!!! I'll have to check this one out.

Sandi 7:16 PM  

Yes, we do like to waltz with potatoes up and down the produce aisle.

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