Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Ponytail - First of Many

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Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva 12:20 AM  

These pictures are too cute. She has some of the prettiest eyes that I have EVER seen. She is such a doll. You must be so proud. Hopefully this is the first ponytail of many.

Carrie 12:32 AM  

awwww.... what a girlie girl milestone. How very exciting!!

NateAndJakesMom 12:33 AM  

How stinkin' adorable.

Bridget 12:43 AM  

oh my goodness she is cute!
HAppy WW!

Momstart 1:00 AM  

That is really cute. We can only do a tiny one on top

Jeanette "Frogster" 1:18 AM  

First hair-do's are always fun! I just love those eyes!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane 2:01 AM  

So sweet...I love the teeny tiny itty bitty ponytail!

Tasha 3:49 AM  

Awwwww! That is so cute! She has gorgeous eyes!

AmyG 6:35 AM  

How adorable!!

Faith - That's Just Freaking Lovely 8:48 AM  

Aww, I remember my DD's first ponytail. She is too cute!

Tiff 9:46 AM  

OMG look at those big round eyes! she is so beautiful!

The Bertone's 10:44 AM  

Look at those beautiful eyes! Oh my! So cute! Gorgeous....

Susie 11:17 AM  

Tooooo cute! I love having girls for this reason:-)

Courtney from mommie blogs 12:10 PM  

so sweet and girlie. I love pony tails and wear one almost everyday. except I am not even close to being that adorable!

Salzwedel Family 12:55 PM  

What a sweet little face and beautiful eyes!

Kate Wicker 3:55 PM  

What beautiful eyes!

Lishak 9:09 PM  

How cool! Having pics of "firsts" is always special. :)

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