Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Place Of Their Own

One of my fondest childhood memories is my own little space that I would create in the kitchen while my mom made dinner. If I opened the back door and the cabinet door just right, they would meet and form the perfect spot. I would sit there and stare out at the world through the screen door, or color, or any of a multitude of other things. It was definitely one of the Finer Things of my childhood.

This week, through no prompting on my end, my children have discovered this joy for themselves. Isabelle, being too big for such little spaces, has enjoyed creating them for Alex, Olivia and Gracie. And the three of them have taken to this like you would not believe.
My kitchen has been taken over by blankets and toys, but I feel all nostalgic surrounded by my kiddos in their perfect little spots. So I'm not complaining.
In fact, I'm kind of thrilled to be able to share such a simple, finer thing in life with them!

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Supercool Hotmama 11:59 PM  

Soooooo cute! I made a curtain that velcro's inside the rim under my kitchen table. It's the perfect little playhouse.

Jennifer 1:27 AM  

You are such a sweet and loving mommy! I have been trying so hard here recently to do better with my kids in the kitchen, however it is just so hard for me. They drive me crazy when they are in the kitchen!

I left you an award over at blog!

Homesteader in Training 6:19 AM  

My kids have a small pop up tent that they use to create their special place and the best part for them is that it's mobile! LOL.

Canadagirl 10:27 AM  

What a SWEET sweet sweet memory. Awwee it is making me remember the finer things of my childhood. Thank you for that.

I have really enjoyed you joining in on the fun of S&T Friday. I hope you join in more often. ((hug))

Blessings in Him<><

Just another SAHM 10:33 AM  

Nothing like the wonderful mysteries of a hidey hole...especially one made from blankets. lol
How very sweet that they so very much want to share that space with you.

Amy @ Finer Things 11:00 AM  

We're all about forts here. The more blankets the better!

I love how Isabelle plays so nicely with your younger kids. What a great big sister!

Anonymous,  11:16 AM  

Sooo cute! My 3 yo just yesterday took blankets and draped them over the couches and said she painted the couches!

Happy Show & Tell Friday,

Dawn 12:38 PM  

How cute and sweet. I am glad that you can share such sweet memories with them.

Pam 3:06 PM  

I love it! I had a place like that under my dining room table when I was growing up.

Sarah 4:03 PM  

Wow, this really warms my heart. What a sweet memory to share with your children.

Tina 5:12 PM  

Makes you want to be young again! I miss the days of my kids did stuff like that.

Chris 9:00 PM  

I remember feeling that same way when I was a kid. We always made "forts" out of chairs and blankets.
Good memories -- thanks.

haflingerhorses 9:28 PM  

We've had may a fort around here. I always love it, too, although when it's take down time it's always kind of harder to do than to put it up.

kaye 10:29 PM  

my kids played in the corner cupboard. They would empty it out and climb inside. They even drew a clockface on the inside. I also gave them the bottom drawer to keep there dishes, spoons and whatnots in so they could be busy while I worked. Now that they are grown they still like to congregate in the corner with me--but its a little crowded and I have to shoo them out to get anything done.

Cathy 1:43 AM  

That's great. I've always loved that kids love to do this. They need their own space that is just their size and is their own creation sometimes. I also love how the older ones really look out for the little ones. It's so endearing.

Cecily R 2:05 PM  

Oh, I am so in LOVE with this whole idea and post. Brings back such great memories...I did those same things!

There are days that I so wish I was still the right size for those kind of "my very own spaces".

Great PSF! So happy to have you participate!

Carrie and Troy Keiser 3:02 AM  

What a fun thing to be able to share with your kids! Nothing like a little space of your own ... even if it is a blanketed corner of the kitchen! :)

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